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Our Expertise

For over 11 years, EVNE Developers has been developing Ruby web applications. We provide the most recent code-writing approaches and technological know-how to each project, which allows us to develop effective Ruby on Rails apps. We have proven experience with successfully delivering more than 300 projects of various types and complexity.
EVNE Developers is a leading company established in the Ruby product development community for providing high-quality services for developing high-performance applications, websites, and software.
Our team includes qualified business analysts and project managers that assist businesses in meeting product requirements and deciding on programming techniques. You bring your idea, and we support you in implementing it. We are ready to provide our vast expertise and skills in developing web-based solutions.

Project Management

Business Analysis

Product Development

Maintenance & Support

Our Benefits

Top Ruby on Rails programmers

We only recruit the best Ruby on Rails developers that have passed our rigorous screening process. Whatever you're working on, we'll provide you with a developer with extensive expertise in the position you need to fill to benefit from our Ruby on Rails development services.

Quick hiring process

More and more companies are finding out that the pace of the hiring process is impeding operations. Instead of spending up to 40 days on headhunting, you'll have a perfect candidate ready to work with you in a matter of days.

Avoid the thorough assessment process

You no longer need to spend time evaluating developers' hard and soft skills. We provide you with the short bio and CV of every RoR developer you may stick to. It includes the levels of skills, experience, education, certificates, and additional courses they passed. Combine and compare with ease, and select the one that suits your goals the best.

Reduce risks

You can be sure that the project will be completed on time. We continue to monitor the developer's performance after matching you with the correct candidate to ensure your satisfaction. If you’re not satisfied, we’ll replace a developer right away.

Developers Cooperation Models

Contact us, and we will help you find the best cooperation model that fits your business requirements. We offer:

Fixed-price model

Excellent for projects with well-defined requirements and a clear vision of the product's functionality and features.

Hourly-price model

Suitable for long-term projects with a wide range of requirements and no clearly defined technical specifications.

Dedicated team

For projects with a clear and comprehensive goal, where specialists can already manage the development process.

Work and Interaction with Our Ruby Developers for Hire

When you hire our Ruby on Rails programmers, they focus completely on your project and tasks. They stick to deadlines, timelines, assigned tasks, and identified workflow. We handle the contractual side of things. The payment processes depend on the cooperation model you choose.
During your cooperation, we continue to monitor their performance. If a developer doesn't meet your requirements and has a poor performance rate, we’ll find a replacement immediately.

6 y
High-skilled developers
Average experience for one developer

Why Choose Our Company?

The trust of our clients and their recommendation of us as a professional provider is the best confirmation of the quality of our services. 95% of our current and previous clients are ready to recommend us to their colleagues and friends. We are concerned with service quality and will always go out of our way to satisfy the demands and expectations of our clients.

Our best Ruby on Rails developers team consistently suggests the most appropriate business and technical solutions and product implementation methods to customers in order to help them reach their business objectives.

Strong tech expertise

We hire only middle+ Ruby, JS, Python, PHP, and mobile developers. This philosophy serves as a guarantee of our high-quality services.

RoR reliable developers

We know Ruby on Rails inside and out and constantly improve our knowledge with new techniques that are used there. We use only stable methodologies and reliable architecture to develop your product.

Partnership attitude

Only business relationships based on trust and partnership principles are fruitful and efficient. To achieve our goal, we create a team with our partners.

Agile evangelists

Our development process is based on the Agile methodology. We make our process adaptable to changes while sticking to the release timeline.

How to Hire Our Ruby Engineers?


Identify goalsYou choose the best cooperation model for you, as well as the required degree of knowledge and expertise of a Ruby on Rails software developer in the relevant fields.


Select a suitable RoR developerWe provide you with several carefully chosen resumes highlighting the level of expertise and specialization of our engineers.


Perform interviewsWe arrange interviews with specially selected Ruby on Rails developers so that you can describe your requirements and evaluate their skills.


Start projectConfirm your choice, sign an agreement, and begin reaping the benefits of working with our team.


We bring real solutions to each client’s problems through a deep understanding of their market, solution, and vision.

Our clients

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Find answers to the most common questions we receive before development initialization

Yes, sure. Depending on your business goals and plans, you can hire a team of Ruby developers for a short-term or a long-term project.

If you need to hire Ruby developer, the cost can vary per hour or project, the cooperation model you choose, the specific skill set,  and the project scope.

We continue to monitor the hired Ruby developer’s performance to ensure you’re satisfied. If you’re not, we will find you a replacement as quickly as possible.

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