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Extend your technical team or build a new one from scratch to develop high-quality products on time and on budget according to your business requirements.

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Our Expertise

If you hire front-end web developer at EVNE Developers you’ll get high-quality products, 10 front-end technologies, experienced developers, and on-time and quick delivery for any type of software. EVNE Developers is a leading company established in the Ruby product development community for providing high-quality services for developing high-performance applications, websites, and software.
Our team includes qualified business analysts and project managers that assist businesses in meeting product requirements and deciding on programming techniques. You bring your idea, and we support you in developing it. We are ready to provide our vast expertise and skills in developing web-based solutions.

JavaScript Development

Frameworks for JavaScript are key technologies helping to build an effective web product of every modern website. EVNE Developers JavaScript developers use their significant knowledge of basic JavaScript programming and the most modern frameworks and libraries to create dynamic and adaptable websites. Our Javascript expertise can also design unique solutions from scratch.

ReactJS Development

ReactJS is well-known for its adaptability, flexibility, and ease of use. Front-end developer services from EVNE Developers may turn static designs into rich, interactive multimedia online experiences.

Node JS Development

EVNE Developers Node JS developers build dynamic web page content before delivering the page to the end user's web browser, interacting with web servers using event-driven programming.

HTML5/CSS Development

The front-end web developer for hire at EVNE Developers is professional in designing flexible websites with CSS, JavaScript, and HTML at the system's core. To achieve your digital goals, whether creative or technological, we ensure that interactive components are used following W3C standards and cross-browser compatibility coding requirements.

Web Apps Development

We use progressive web apps (PWAs) and single page apps (SPAs) technologies to create web applications. For most business apps, PWA adoption improves overall user experience, decreases bounce rates, and enhances revenue. SPAs, on the other hand, have revitalised social media by allowing users to interact through the web without having slow page loads.

Our Benefits

The thorough developers' assessment process

Our candidates’ assessment process assures that every junior, middle or senior front-end developer you interview meets expectations in terms of technical, cultural, and language criteria.

Reliable, passionate front-end developers

We ensure that your recruits are up to the task, whether it's late-night sprints or a last-minute face-to-face. If you aren’t satisfied with the developer work, we can easily replace them.

Our client success experts provide white-glove service

Maintain your focus on your business objectives while our team of professionals evaluates possible candidates and manages smooth programmer onboarding.

Build your optimal team confidently and quickly

Everything is handled by EVNE Developers, including background and reference checks, legal issues, and more. Our service unifies invoicing, timesheets, and payment into a single, easy-to-access place.

Ensure your product always displays well

Maintain a consistent and responsive product that is constantly ready to impress new potential clients. A front-end developer can guarantee that your website or web app appears well across all browsers and operating systems, making it accessible to all users.

Leverage your great designs

Make the most of your stunning layout. Front-end developers can turn your web designer's ideas into a working product that is stutter-free and behaves just as it should. Moreover, we can create a design following your business needs.

Rank high on Google

Protect the technical SEO aspects of your online product. Professional front-end developers comprehend the nuances of code-related search engine optimisation and may help your company become the online market leader by completing Google ranking requirements.

Get mobile-ready

Make sure your website or web app looks great on every device. Mobile and tablet versions of a web product frequently require different adjustments to adhere to all best practices, and front-end engineers are the best people to do this correctly. The mobile version is essential both for users and Google algorithms.

Developers Cooperation Models

You can hire front-end developers with the best cooperation model for your company’s needs. We offer:

Fixed-price model

Excellent for projects with well-defined criteria and a clear vision of the product's functioning and features.

Hourly-price model

Appropriate for long-term projects with a broad range of goals and no clearly defined technical requirements.

Dedicated team

For projects with a clear and complete goal, where specialists can already handle the development process.

Time & Material

Plays directly into clients' interests and adapts to changing market trends. It provides additional agility during the time-to-market timeframe while maintaining strict budget management.

Work and Interaction with Our Hire Front-End Developers

When you hire front-end developers, they will dedicate 100% of their focus to your project and tasks. They adhere to deadlines, timeframes, responsibilities, and processes. We can handle all technical aspects. The payment options you choose are determined by the cooperation model you choose. We will continue to monitor their performance while you are at work. If a developer does not meet your expectations and has a low-performance rate, we will find a replacement right away. We will continue to monitor their performance during your work. If a developer does not fulfill your needs and has a bad performance rate, we will immediately find a replacement.
During your cooperation, we continue to monitor their performance. If a developer doesn't meet your requirements and has a poor performance rate, we’ll find a replacement immediately.

6 y
High-skilled developers
Average experience for one developer

Why Choose Our Company?

Good Communication Skills

Our developers are good at communicating. They can clearly comprehend and explain complicated needs. We will never hedge our reports or hide new concerns. You are in the trenches with us every day, and you watch every stage of your development as it unfolds.

Rich Experience

Our developers have extensive experience with a wide range of technologies and platforms. They are familiar with both new and traditional development frameworks. We are experts in various industries such as EdTech, FinTech, eCommerce, and others.

5/5 Satisfaction Score

EVNE Developers is a leading front-end development company. Our clients highlight our ability to innovate, meet all their requirements, our commitment to the working process, and our ability to build strong personal relationships and excellent code quality.

Quick hiring process

More and more businesses realise that the hiring process's speed is impeding operations. Instead of spending up to 40 days on headhunting, you'll have a great candidate ready to work with you within days.


You can expect 99%+ uptime when you hire a front-end web developer from EVNE Developers. We know front-end inside and out and are always learning new techniques that are employed there. We design your product using only stable methodologies and robust architecture.

Avoid the thorough assessment process

You no longer have to waste time assessing developers' hard and soft skills. We give you a brief profile and CV for each front-end developer you may work with. It contains their skill levels, experience, education, certificates, and additional courses. Combine and compare easily, and hire front-end developer that best meets your needs.

Individual Approach

A customer-centric approach drives us to use only cutting-edge technology and methods while providing cost-effective front-end development services. We build teams based on the demands of the business, ensuring a perfect talent fit.

Affordable Costs

Our front-end company offers affordable technologies without sacrificing quality. Instead of discussing costs with each developer separately, you might employ a whole team at a reasonable hourly fee. Furthermore, remote developers sometimes charge less for comparable, if not superior, work. You'll also save money because you won't have to spend months hunting for and hiring programmers on your own.

How to Hire Our Front-End Developers?


Project descriptionWe'd like to learn more about your business and the project for which you're looking for a front-end development team. Please tell us how many talents you have, their level of experience, and the best workflow that works for you.


CV reviewsOur hiring procedure starts with reviewing the candidates' resumes. Only candidates with relevant expertise and experience are evaluated. We only send you CVs from top front-end developers who are a good match for your project.


Evaluation and final interviewsDuring the recruiting process, both soft and hard skills are examined. We discuss the expectations of both sides. We will assist you with talent integration inside your project once you have approved the candidate.


Getting to workAfter we have found the top front-end developers for hire, you may begin working on your project and reaching business objectives. For our part, we manage all administrative issues, which saves you time and money.


We bring real solutions to each client’s problems through a deep understanding of their market, solution, and vision.

Our clients

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Find answers to the most common questions we receive before development initialization

Yes, you’ll have a full-time front-end developer or team of developers. Our development company provides dedicated teams to help or manage your development process. Create a full-fledged development team, boost your team’s performance, or manage unique project needs. The dedicated team model offers complete control of our development team and allows you to create the project independently. In addition, we can supply qualified project managers to assist with project communication and management.

Our developers have more than 5 years of experience in front-end or other types of programming. Front-end developers are skilled and well-versed in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery. They also have a thorough knowledge of using design thinking, SEO principles and have a degree in Computer Science or a similar field. Because front-end programming is always growing, our developers constantly develop and learn new skills, tools, and technologies.

EVNE Developers features a simple payment approach in which each front-end developer is paid an hourly rate ranging from $40 to $60 per hour. Our developers are available for full-time engagement (35 hours per week) and the occasional part-time job, with rates based on skills, expertise, and experience (20 hours per week).

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