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Software Project Rescue

Mistakes can end up costing you a ton, but you don't have to stick with a broken solution. Let us analyze your tool, rebuild it if necessary, and restore it to a state where it drives business value.

Does it feel like your project or team has failed?

Don’t panic. This is where EVNE Developers comes in

When your solution doesn’t work as intended, the project goals can’t be achieved. But you still can save your project from failure and rescue your business. Just hand it over to EVNE Developers. In our experience, projects often fail for two common reasons:

Poor quality or unfinished code 

A previous team failed to deliver a market-ready solution?
We can fix it through system analysis followed by code refactoring and enhancing overall product quality.

Software isn’t fit for purpose

You spent time on building a product but it doesn’t meet your business needs?
We can re-engineer your tool to make it serve your goals and get your business back on course.

We've seen it all before

And can help you rescue your project until it’s too late

We have 11+ years of experience in rescuing projects and building successful products. Give us your buggy tool and we will return a polished product with an improved look and feel. 

Fixed bugs, errors, and performance issues

We rebuild your product using modern technologies and turn a flawed tool into a highly functional solution.

Cost-efficient maintenance

Reduce maintenance costs with well-documented code, scalable architecture, and modern technology.

Improved user experience

Don't let poor UX hold you back. We can enhance and improve your UI/UX design based on user research.

New integrations and technology

Replace outdated tech with a modern stack, improving the scalability and flexibility of your product.

How we helped our clients move on after the software crisis

We are proud to be part of their success

Our solutions to your technical challenges

Here is what we do to save products
We can help you improve the performance of your existing product or fully migrate your legacy solution to a modern tech stack. We have the expertise to handle any challenge.
Tuning poorly performing databases
Improve the efficiency of databases that are not performing well. We can modify the database structure or replace it with another database that will meet the needs of your solution. By identifying bottlenecks, fine-tuning queries, and optimizing database configurations, we enhance the responsiveness and scalability of your product.
Replacing legacy tech
Migrate to modern technology by replacing outdated infrastructure with the latest tech stack. EVNE Developers can seamlessly transition your application to more robust and up-to-date frameworks, ensuring improved performance, scalability, and compatibility following the highest industry standards.
Refactoring the codebase
Improve readability, maintainability, and efficiency by rebuilding your broken source code, without altering the functionality of your product. With code refactoring, we make the codebase more manageable and easier to work with, getting rid of system issues and allowing you to scale hassle-free.
Migrating to another architecture
Elevate your system's capabilities by migrating your system to an optimal multi-tenant, microservices-based architecture. Our experts ensure a seamless transition, allowing you to efficiently scale and enhance your product’s performance and flexibility, efficiently managing multiple concurrent users within a shared infrastructure.
Moving to the cloud
Move your operations to AWS, Azure, or Google Cloud Platform. Our experts can perform a smooth migration, improving your product's scalability while ensuring enterprise-grade data security. While we seamlessly migrate your operations to the cloud, your existing product continues to function so that business processes remain uninterrupted. 

What our clients say

Check what our clients appreciate the most about us.

"Their technical skills, attentiveness to requirements, and analytical and user-oriented approach are outstanding. You do not need to do what they have to create, you show the desired business outcome, everything another they do themselves and bring to you a perfectly wrapped solution for your tasks."
Project Lead, Insurance Company
"You can feel their thoughtfulness in every aspect of their work, starting from strategic architectural solutions to visualizing the complex work schedule in two charts. Another impressive feature was their quality expertise in this field and technology. They have succeeded in taking our bare concept and converting it into a smooth and effective solution empowering our company every day."
Veli Putkonen
CTO, Aviation Company
"Their code is very high-quality, which is reflected in the overall user experience and the load speed of the website. The craftsmanship in the development is very well-thought out, logical, and intuitive. We’ve worked with a ton of different development agencies in the past and had a lot of issues, but EVNE Developers crush it with their top-notch quality and good QA process. They deliver everything on time and code really well. EVNE Developers is an excellent agency."
Darryl Stevens
CEO, digiTech Web Design LLC
"We received a stable web platform allowing us to bring our business to new heights, provide high-quality services to our clients and make them confident in their retirement. EVNE Developers made their assumption for improvement always based on the numbers and reports, without vague theories, which impressed our team. They are dedicated to quality and high-grade service."
Alec Öberg
Business Development Officer, Savings Management Company

How it works

A proven scenario that helped us revive numerous businesses.
Step 1
Get to know your business, its current issues, and the key deliverables 
Step 2
Consider which workflow process must stay to ensure business continuity
Step 3
Perform system and documentation analysis for a smooth project takeover
Step 4
Develop a project rescue strategy whether it’s refactoring, re-engineering, or migration
Step 5
Assess the cost and risks of application modernization
Step 6
Build a roadmap defining each stage and specific deliverables 
Step 7
Design a prototype of the new system to visualize how it will look, feel, and work
Step 8
Implement the best-suited strategy to get the project back on track 
Step 9
Support and maintaining the system for free during the first month after release
Step 10
Continue growing the product and enhancing its functionality

What you get

A revamped market-ready solution.
A product that can scale up and perform well
Clear documentation for further development
Optimized development, maintenance, cloud costs
A reliable team to keep improving the product

Stop wasting money on something that doesn't work

EVNE Developers is a dedicated software development team with a product mindset. We’ll be happy to help you turn your idea into life and successfully monetize it.
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