QA Testing As a Service

EVNE Developers' QA testing services ensure that software meets requirements and user expectations completely. We have provided full-range QA services for over 11 years to help our customers deliver high-quality software on time.

Benefits of Our Software QA Services

The business digitization and mobilization era has brought up new technologies and trends in software development and quality assurance. Our company has been at an important stage and has profound expertise in software development. All QA activities save developers time and organization investments by effectively finding all issues and bugs.

Quality, safety & transparency

We guarantee the excellent quality of our testing services and the security of our client's data. We offer the required test documentation to provide complete test operations transparency.

Testing with business in mind

EVNE Developers' test engineers understand business operations and ensure that software testing activities do not interfere with business processes due to their expertise in various industries, including EdTech, FinTech, eCommerce, etc.

Close cooperation with the development team

Our QA engineers align testing efforts with your development process to improve testing efficiency, simple integration into a CI/CD pipeline, and successful risk-based testing implementation.

Automation and agile approach

Our software testing services company ensures flawless agile delivery from a UX audit to a performance evaluation, from security and compliance checks through code review, testers, and DevOps.

Automated testing processes

We provide automated testing as a service to assist you in reducing time to market and release the product that your consumers will love. Our automation testing services use the latest automation frameworks to provide our customers with an efficient solution to strike the proper balance between quality and time-to-market.

Continuous integration (CI)

Continuous Integration lowers your company's manual labor costs and allows you to deploy error-free software.

Metrics collection

Throughout the software testing process, we collect data using various metrics to measure testing progress and report product quality at each stage.

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Our QA Services

Automated testing

Automated testing is a long-term investment in your product's success. It examines all potential software functionality issues before testing its performance on several platforms simultaneously. Integrating manual and automated QA and testing services may reduce time to market while providing your consumers with a perfect product. For the best user experience, automated testing incorporates practically every form of testing:
  • Functional/UI testing for web/mobile/apps, with data verification shown on the front end.
  • Mobile functional and UI testing. We automate web-based, hybrid, and native iOS and Android apps.
  • Desktop testing builds the relationship between software development teams and end users.
  • Performance testing to guarantee that your system satisfies the performance standards.
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Manual testing

During manual testing, our quality assurance team evaluates your product's performance on numerous devices and its user interface and usability. Manual testing helps identify issues that cannot be identified automatically and gives personalized feedback on the design and feel of your product.
  • Usability testing, which follows ISO criteria to determine how user-friendly your software system is.
  • Security application testing which includes Mobile Security Testing, Web Security Testing, and API Security Testing.
  • Compliance testing that includes industry compliance as well as process assessment testing.

Tools & Technologies

Check the technologies that can help broaden your businesses digital borders with the skills of our team.

Our QA Testing Process

The primary goal of our quality assurance and testing services is to achieve unparalleled product quality. As a result, our QA as a service covers the following stages:
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Our team of developers has the necessary skillset and expertise in technologies to provide value to digital product development. Besides developing technical skills, the team thoroughly understands the financial and educational business industries.


  • Electronic Trading Platforms;
  • Digital Payments;
  • Analytics and BI;
  • Financial Planning;
  • CRM for Banks;
  • Fintech Software Development;
  • Fintech UX/UI;
  • Financial App Development.
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  • eLearning Portals;
  • Learning Management System;
  • Corporate LMS;
  • Enterprise LMS;
  • eLearning Gamification;
  • Mobile Learning;
  • eLearning App Development;
  • Software for corporate training.
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  • B2B eCommerce Development;
  • B2C eCommerce Development;
  • D2C eCommerce Development;
  • Food Delivery App Development;
  • Online Marketplace;
  • Luxury Digital Stores.
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Why Choose Our Company?

EVNE Developers software testing company is dedicated to constantly providing results, establishing trust, and displaying excellent reliability. We have gained the trust of our customers by being open, responsive, and proactive. Our QA professionals are experienced engineers with an analytical and creative bent of mind, allowing us to consistently churn out the best answer for our customers' challenges. We promote a learning and professional growth culture, which helps us attract and retain great employees. After years of producing great outcomes for our clients, we structured our processes. These procedures are intended to apply industry best practices while enhancing cost efficiency.

Certified expertise

Certified QA engineers with an in-depth understanding of the most recent technologies and techniques. This is what we stand for: we strive to be perfectionists in our work

Center of Excellence

You will engage with a group of people that encourage cooperation and use best practices in software testing with both techniques and tools. It is much easier to work and communicate because the resources and libraries are stored in a centralized cloud.

Effective Process

We use the best techniques and processes in the industry to increase production. As a result, your business receives more value for its budget. Our testers concentrate on what is vital while synchronizing tools, people, and procedures. When working with your product, we also keep your users in mind.

Centralized Governance

We provide relationship management, quality assurance, project management, a centralized testing environment with a standardized software library, and test suites. We also provide a self-service interface, which reduces the time necessary to establish test environments.

Top Infrastructure

We use automation software and have an on-site facility to provide a low-cost, highly scalable, and quick automated test solution. When you collaborate with EVNE Developers, you can quickly reduce spending while avoiding problems and negative comments from your clients.

Reduced costs - quick ROI

By working with EVNE Developers, your team can focus on the product. Your consumers will get the best possible experience. Because businesses pay for the great service and time spent, it helps control costs, resulting in a higher ROI.


We bring real solutions to each client’s problems through a deep understanding of their market, solution, and vision.

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We fully understand your business. If you need to update something, we are more than happy to help you with the services we are providing.

There are different types of QA testing:

  • Unit Testing
  • Component Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • End-to-End Testing
  • Performance Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Sanity Testing
  • System Testing
  • Smoke Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing

It saves you both time and money. Software QA guarantees that bugs and errors are discovered in the early phases of software development. As a result, they spend far less time and money fixing them. QA testing as a service refines the entire process and provides excellent product quality, improved usability, and functionality.

Everything depends on the project scope, functionalities, technologies, types of testing, the number of specialists involved, and the time spent. The QA engineer’s price can vary from $25 to $45 per hour. 

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