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As a reputable healthcare application development company, we assist startups, private clinics, hospitals, medical technology organizations, and pharmacies in developing, and promoting mobile and web-based mHealth solutions through our healthcare software development services.

Benefits of Our Healthcare App Development Solutions

We offer comprehensive healthcare software development services, covering everything from prototyping to design, development, and deployment. Our focus is on creating applications that enhance patient care and simplify health management.

Specialized mHealth Experience

Our healthcare app development company specializes in creating innovative mHealth solutions that enable users to monitor their health data, schedule appointments, locate medical providers, and manage their prescriptions. Our development team has a proven track record in delivering market-ready solutions, ensuring successful outcomes and rapid medical analysis.

Strategic Architecture

A well-planned architecture is crucial in ensuring the security and efficiency of our solutions. Our system architects carefully consider each aspect of the design, including the choice between monolithic and microservices approaches.

Security-Oriented Approach

Security is a top priority in our healthcare app development services, and we take every measure to ensure that our solutions meet all relevant compliances and standards. Our testing coverage includes both Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) and Static Application Security Testing (SAST).

DevOps-Centered Model

We incorporate DevOps into our custom medical software development, QA, and deployment processes, allowing us to quickly resolve issues and maintain seamless operations across different business requirements.

Superior Code Quality

Our development efforts result in superior code quality, and we strive to keep patches to a minimum for greater stability and reduced maintenance time.

Transparent and Agile Processes

Our development process is transparent, allowing our clients to closely monitor progress and provide feedback along the way. We use an agile methodology to accommodate changes efficiently and effectively.

Innovative Technology

We leverage the latest technological advancements and tools to create innovative healthcare solutions that improve patient care and simplify health management. Our medical mobile app development company is knowledgeable in various cutting-edge technologies, including IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Blockchain, Wearable Technology, and Cloud Computing.

Our Medical App Development Services

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iOS Development

The majority of consumer health apps prioritize Apple devices due to the company's commitment to making healthcare technology accessible to the public. Our healthcare software developers have a thorough understanding of iOS HealthKit, ResearchKit, and CareKit.

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Android Development

Android is a widely used mobile platform, with a growing number of devices. As a result, health apps are often released for both iOS and Android. The demand for mobile health solutions is on the rise due to changing consumer preferences. Our medical mobile app developers use Kotlin or Java for native Android development.

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Web Design and Development

Healthcare mobile apps often require an accompanying web application and back-end for support. Our mhealth developers are skilled in designing user experiences that are engaging and tailored to the target audience. We believe that in the medical industry, a strong user experience is just as crucial as mobile web support. This is why we frequently use cross-platform development in our mobile and web digital transformation projects.

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AI and ML Integrations

Our mobile healthcare software development services stand out due to our expertise in artificial intelligence. We have extensive experience in developing medical solutions that require machine learning, such as a mental health app that uses Restricted Boltzmann and K-Nearest Neighbors algorithms to predict the most helpful content for users.

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Blockchain Development

Data interoperability is a challenge in modern medicine. As a digital health app development agency, we were early adopters of using blockchain technology to improve data interchange between healthcare applications. Our healthcare app development team includes certified blockchain developers.

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IoT Development

Our healthcare application development company is dedicated to promoting value-added medicine. As such, developing connected medical apps that work with smart sensors and devices is a significant aspect of our work at EVNE Developers. The IoT medical apps we have developed advance research and patient-focused care.

Tools & Technologies

Our Healthcare App Development Process

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Our IT experts have vast experience developing Healthcare, FinTech, EdTech, and eCommerce solutions, as well as complex web and mobile apps, high-load systems, embedded software, and other products. If you are interested in another industry, please contact us.


  • Electronic Trading Platforms;
  • Digital Payments;
  • Analytics and BI;
  • Financial Planning;
  • CRM for Banks;
  • Fintech Software Development;
  • Fintech UX/UI;
  • Financial App Development.
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  • eLearning Portals;
  • Learning Management System;
  • Corporate LMS;
  • Enterprise LMS;
  • eLearning Gamification;
  • Mobile Learning;
  • eLearning App Development;
  • Software for corporate training.
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  • B2B eCommerce Development;
  • B2C eCommerce Development;
  • D2C eCommerce Development;
  • Food Delivery App Development;
  • Online Marketplace;
  • Luxury Digital Stores.
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Why Choose Our Healthcare Application Development Company?


Our developers have extensive experience in developing healthcare applications and have a deep understanding of the unique challenges and requirements of the industry. Our team stays up-to-date with the latest advancements and technology to ensure that our solutions are innovative and effective.


We believe that quality is key in delivering the best user experience. Our developers work tirelessly to create applications that are not only functional, but also visually appealing and easy to use. We also perform rigorous testing to ensure that our applications meet the latest standards and regulations, and that they deliver the desired results.


Every healthcare organization is unique, and so are their needs. Our developers work closely with our clients to understand their requirements and create custom applications that cater to their specific needs. This level of customization ensures that our clients get the best solution for their business, and that they can achieve their goals with ease.


Our healthcare mobile app development company is always available to provide ongoing support and maintenance to ensure that your application runs smoothly. We understand that technology can be unpredictable, and that's why we are always there to help you troubleshoot and resolve any issues that may arise. Our goal is to ensure that your application is always up and running, and that you can continue to deliver quality healthcare services without any disruptions.


The healthcare industry deals with sensitive and confidential information, which makes security a top priority. Our developers are well-versed in security best practices and use the latest encryption and data protection techniques to secure your data. We also perform regular security audits to ensure that our applications remain secure and protect your data from cyber threats.


We bring real solutions to each client’s problems through a deep understanding of their market, solution, and vision.

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We fully understand your business. If you need to update something, we are more than happy to help you with the services we are providing.

Yes, we specialize in developing mHealth applications. Our team of experienced developers is knowledgeable in creating innovative and user-friendly applications to support the health and wellness needs of individuals. Whether it be through iOS, Android, web, AI, ML or blockchain, we have the expertise and skills to bring your mHealth ideas to life.

Accurately determining the cost of healthcare mobile app development services requires a clear understanding of the app’s functions, features, and necessary security measures. Only after fully comprehending the project scope and technology requirements can one estimate the development cost.

One of the major challenges faced by healthcare app development company during the creation of mHealth applications is adhering to various compliance standards, such as HIPAA and HL7. These regulations often impose strict requirements that can complicate the design and development process of healthcare apps.

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