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Development of

e-commerce projects

from idea to launch

Our specialists have over 10 years of experience in the development of e-commerce products in a variety of business niches. We are ready to add value.

E-commerce development stages


Documentation and project planning


Consumer and industry research


Prototype and user flow development


Visual and animation design


Front-end and back-end development


Connection 3rd party APIs


SEO tricks implementation




Launch and workload testing


Support and revision

Preparation and approval of technical documentation. Project calendar plan.

Documentation and project planning

This saves the customer from spending enormous funds and time on non-calculated items and clearly describes what techniques will be applied. States the clear schedule of work to be performed.

Guaranteed benefits

An in-house developers team with a wide stack of technologies will help create any type of e-commerce products to satisfy the goals of the customer.

CTO, PM, QA can be included icon

CTO, PM, QA can be included

These specialists can be provided to make the project creation as comfortable as possible.

Bug-free guarantee and post-launch@support icon

Bug-free guarantee and post-launch support

We guarantee the absence of bugs; if any are found, they will be fixed for free in short order. The product receives constant support after the launch until the customer refuses such service.

SEO-friendly development icon

SEO-friendly development

The site is optimized to stay highly ranked by search engine systems so the customers to find it with ease.

Consumer and industry research icon

Consumer and industry research

The developed product serves the goals of the customer. Performing of the particular tasks is scheduled in the documentation and implemented according to the plan.

High-load proof icon

High-load proof

The site is checked for the ability to withstand the maximum number of visitors described in technical specifications.

Development according to dev. standards icon

Development according to dev. standards

Strict standards define the specific steps and techniques that are performed for a clear result. This guarantees the quality of the final product.

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