Planning Matters

Software Product Discovery Services

Excellent product begins with excellent planning. We think before we code to make sure you build the right thing from the start and avoid cost overrun and project failure.

Over 50% of software projects run over budget

But yours doesn't have to.

Stay within budget & build the right thing

And can help you rescue your project until it’s too late

Through effective Product Discovery, we minimize errors, misinterpretations, and superfluous features that can strain your budget. Instead, we deliver a product that aligns with your expectations and meets your customer needs.

Decide based on data

Create a product you know your customers will love

Shape a product vision

Get a prototype that's been tested by actual users

Get everyone on the same page

Align the whole team towards a common vision

Build a clear roadmap

Have a plan of action to implement your project

How we helped our clients succeed

We're honored to be part of their journey.

Key components of our product discovery phase

Duration: from 2 weeks to 2 months.
Back up your idea with proper research on the people you're targeting, the competition out there, and the problem you're trying to solve. Select the application architecture and technologies that best fit the product's requirements. Get a product development roadmap with cost estimates and timelines. We've got it all covered.
User Research
Through meticulously crafted customer development sessions, Jobs-to-be-Done (JTBD) analysis, and customer journey mapping, we delve into the heart of your audience's needs. We normally conduct 30 comprehensive interviews to get insights from the actual users your product is meant to serve.
Identify user research goals
Define user personas
Choose a recruitment strategy
Conduct interviews
Extract and arrange user insights
Market Analysis
By applying various strategic tools, such as SWOT analysis, Business Model Canvas, and Value Proposition Canvas, we explore the essence and viability of your product. Our approach goes beyond the surface – we analyze market trends, such as the integration of AI, to identify points of growth and untapped opportunities.
Define the market's growth trajectory
Discover trends and opportunities
Research the competition
Refine your value proposition
Assess your business model
Calculate unit economics
Make financial predictions
Build a go-to-market strategy
Prototyping & Validation
We take what we've learned from talking to users and studying the market, and use that to create a prototype of your future product. We'll test the prototype with your potential users, continuously improving it based on their feedback. Then, we'll send it over to you, with full confidence that it's precisely what your customers will love.
Define the core features
Create wireframes to visualize the product
Turn wireframes into a clickable prototype
Set key validation criteria and metrics
Conduct testing with a representative user group
Make iterative improvements to the prototype
Technology & Architecture
We pick the technology that matches the product's functional and non-functional requirements and is ideal for the product's purpose. At this stage, we also perform a technology risk assessment and set security standards that may include following Privacy Shield, CCPA, or GDPR rules, implementing data protection 'by design and by default' measures, and sticking to tech guidelines from OWASP.
Document functional and non-functional requirements
Select appropriate technology
Design the overall product architecture
Assess technology risks
Define data storage solutions and strategies
Address specific requirements for particular industries
Define testing methods and tools
Create a technical specification
Product Development Roadmap
Lastly, we wrap up our discovery process by creating a roadmap for product development. This roadmap acts as a clear action plan, laying out key milestones and what will be delivered, along with estimated timelines. This provides you with a clear picture of when different parts of functionality will be completed, giving you everything you need to kickstart your product realization.
Identify major milestones in the product's development
List the core functionalities to be developed
Specify the estimated start and end dates for each milestone
Estimate the budget required for each phase
Provide a glimpse of the product's long-term vision and potential future directions

What our clients say

Don't just take our word for it.

Philipp Nacht, Director, Educational Facility

"The team always searches for strong research as the basis of their ideations and offers on product development. They are great both on the personal and professional levels."

Aidan Perkins, Managing Director, Real Estate Agency Registry

"After the deployment the platform allowed us to get more than one thousand users in a month with a retention rate of more than 70%. The subscription distribution and set of rather unique features together with clear UX make our users stay with us for longer."

Alec Öberg, Business Development Officer, Savings Management Company

"We received a stable web platform allowing us to bring our business to new heights, provide high-quality services to our clients and make them confident in their retirement. EVNE Developers made their assumption for improvement always based on the numbers and reports, without vague theories, which impressed our team."

Veli Putkonen, CTO, Aviation Company

"They have succeeded in taking our bare concept and converting it into a smooth and effective solution empowering our company every day."

Product discovery is a collaborative process

4 key roles + stakeholders.
Each role on our team contributes to the overall success of the product discovery process. We work closely with stakeholders to provide them with the maximum value possible.
Step 1
Product stakeholders
What do we want to achieve?
Step 2
Business Analyst
Is this feasible?
Step 3
UX Analyst
How do we solve the user's problem?
Step 4
Solution Architect
Which tech stack should we use?
Step 5
Delivery Manager
How do we build it?

What you get

Everything you need to make informed decisions.
The key benefit of the Discovery phase is a common understanding of project goals and success measures among all team members. When everyone understands the vision of success, they have the necessary foundation to create an outstanding product.
Economic viability assessment
Go-to-market strategy
Technical feasibility assessment
Prototype and Proof-of-Concept
Technical specification
Work breakdown structure (WBS)
Project timeline
Detailed cost estimate

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