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Technology brand that specializes in IP based video conferencing solutions
IDSolutions is a global video integration company providing custom solutions for video conferencing, media management, streaming video and digital signage.
We embarked on a mission to reposition ID Solutions by creating a stunning new design that would be focused on their target markets. Through research, we created a highly focused, conversion optimized website that accurately communicated ID Solutions value proposition their end users.
ID Solutions provides a variety of services and it needed to be clear that they would expertly tailor them for their users. With an easy user flow and subtle micro animations, we were able to create a stunning look and feel to show their establishment within the industry. Everything about the design says technology, and the clean lines reflect the elegance of their software offerings.
Key points
  • Conversion optimized
  • Easy user flow
  • Subtle micro animations
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Grid system
12 columns
Resolution: 1920px
  • Headers, text, links
  • 60px
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Manifold CF
  • Buttons
  • 28px
  • 22px
Bebas Neue
We’ve chosen Manifold CF and Bebas Neue because hey give a strong, articulate and unified impression. Fonts’ unified letterforms and tall x-height are excel in user interfaces. Manifold has a sophisticated, cinematic look in titles and headlines.
As primary colors we chose orange and blue. This bright pallete represent an innovative and affordable approach of the company, that distinguishes IDSolutions from others.
Main page
A variety of services provided is showcased on main page. In order to show their establishment within the industry we added a slider containing their awards and achievements.
Content types
Each content page includes a variety of information such as video content, animated illustrations and diagrams.
  • Challenge
    Improve communications between teams and departments spread around the world, Cummins deployed a large network of video conferencing systems. The success of this video network spurred further growth and expansion of the video network to additional offices. However, as the
  • Solution
    In order to support the growing network, Cummins looked to AT&T and IDSolutions to implement the Global Presence Service. The Global Presence Service solved both challenges Cummins faced; replaced the aging video infrastructure and provided a turn-key monitoring,
  • Result
    The Global Presence Service has improved response times for customer support, and increased reliability of the network. Costs were reduced by eliminating the capital expenses to implement a video infrastructure, the yearly maintenance costs, and the IT staffing that would have been needed to manage that come
Resources and Team
Our aim was to inject personality and create simple for users of all age groups layout..
Contact Us
Contact Us
A web site is fully responsive. Every detail was carefully crafted and refined by adding micro animations.
  • 30+ pages
  • Bootstrap 3.3
  • jQuery v1.12.4
  • WordPress 4.9
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Bondarenko Roman

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