Promo case

This promo is about main fields of activity, experience and achievements of EVNE Developers LLC.


Type of work

Copywriting, motion design, video editing


Photoshop, After effect.

Chapters and text

First stage is separation to the meaning blocks and content

After approving of the text, it was recorded in the studio

Presentation track
Wireframes and grid
For better understanding of the project, we developed wireframes and described every frame
The grid based on the golden ratio

Background color changing

+20 screens

Who we are
Greeting, short description of the focus area and location

An appearance "Book page" effect was made using the corner pin instrument

Some 3d effect with the dark shape

Animation tricks
The set of techniques, that formed our animation language
Shaking animation with the help of the wiggle - gelatin instrument
Head office


Opacity appearance for small elements

3d effect for company name

Ripple instrument in action

Experience and technologies

Information about clients, partners, projects and technologies

Animation of the block “We focus on”

Switch between screens with paper sound effect

The effect of focus and space using the camera tool

Awards and features
Achievements of the company for the last 5 years, ratings and features of work

A unique icon for each fact

Cards that shows us important facts by turn

Changing of vertical title

Workflow and team
Our workflow paradigms, team in work process and contacts
EVNE Developers – Impressive Experience
Project team
Project manager

Bondarenko Roman

Art director

Berezhnoy Evgeniy

Frontend developer

Trigub Ivan

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