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the control of
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Application for
Android & iOS
Delibroom is the mobile app for mobile phones and tablets that aims to solve problems with organizing meetings as well as providing a convenient tool for monitoring planned meetings.
Delibroom is the original start-up project of EVNE Developers company, which was created to solve company's own problems in organizing meetings.
business challenge
The EVNE Developers project team was aimed at
developing a solution that would allow users to
solve problems with organizing in-house meetings
as well as providing a convenient and easy tool for
monitoring planned meetings. Simultaneously, the
tool should be easy to support and deploy without
additional services / resources / infrastructure. This
tool should be as flexible as possible in
customization, and cheap to implement in order to
be suitable for companies / teams of any size.
The team developed a multipurpose solution based
on 4 mobile applications: main app (mobile, iOS /
Android) and meeting room app (tablet, iOS /
Android). The chosen approach allows the product
use to a wide range of users, and does not require
additional infrastructure costs.
While implementing the solution, all business challenges of a customer
were taken into account - the product is flexible and easy to configure / use, which allows
it to be successfully integrated into companies of any size.
The complex of mobile applications together with its great UX component has greatly
simplified the internal organization and control of meetings. In-depth analysis of
competitors, potential users and companies made it possible to find weak points and
offer the most suitable solution.
Web Socket
product identity
Icon image
Icon design

Having collected business requirements, the project team
proceeded to the analysis of existing solutions. The
analysis revealed drawbacks of the main competitors:

Impossibility to work without third-party
services /expenses (calendar services,
own servers, additional infrastructure, etc.)

A difficult process of booking meeting
rooms, complicated management

Inability to monitor planned meetings or to
book a meeting room on the fly

Create the room
pair it with tablet
start pairing
To simplify the pairing
process QR code was used
qr code

According to the results of the analysis, the paradigm of the future product was approved:

In order to make the decision convenient, and to simplify the process of booking meetings, it was agreed to use iOS / Android mobile applications as the basis of the system.

To simplify interaction with the
system, an auxiliary application for
tablets was developed, which can
optionally be placed next to each
Meeting Room. Additional devices
allow to improve the user experience.
Now, one can see the status of the
conference room, book a room on the
go, view the schedule of this room.
start screen
Pairing start screen
main screen
status: avaliable for reservation
Free for available
status: occupied
status: will be occupied soon
Design meetup
status: will be occupied soon
Daily meeting krai
schedule for today
tap on the green area to reserve
Schedule sidebar
time selection
reserve button
step 1
reserve in advance
Room #1 reservation
choose the date & time
step 2
reserve in advance
Room #1 reservation
enter details
Loading screen
loading screen
No internet connection screen
No internet connection screen
get started
Book a meeting anywhere, anytime

Delibroom is the mobile app for mobile phones and
tablets that aims to solve problems with organizing
meetings as well as providing a convenient tool for
monitoring planned meetings.

The mobile app is used for internal organisation of
meetings and management of users as well as
searching the most suitable meeting room and
monitoring planned meetings for all company staff.

Delibroom icon
Avaliable for
download on
Android and iOS
Invite teammates to work with you
For maximum flexibility, user roles
have been developed: Owner,
Administrator, User. Rights may be
reassigned by the Owner/ Admin.
Create new room
Choose items
pairing with tablet
main screen
start searching
Reservation screen
Home screen “Find room” for quick access
to select the appropriate meeting room for
the future meeting. Meeting rooms are
searched in the selected workspace.
The search engine is designed in such a way that
would offer the user the most suitable option.
Available suggestions
amount of participants
different time
2 types of suggestions - another time
and another seating capacity
main screen
Schedule - calendar view
Schedule of upcoming meetings is a handy
tool to plan the time properly and control
workflow. The functionality of the planned
meetings was organized with the
possibility of editing them.
Progress bar
progress bar
change meeting’s parameters
Schedule scrolled
Extend time
For the person who created a meeting there
is an opportunity to change its parameters:
finish earlier, or, if the schedule allows,
extend it. Whatever the situation is.
companies & workspaces
Considering that the solution is being developed for
a wide range of companies, the finest points were
taken into account: the ability to work
simultaneously in different companies (and easily
switch between them), the possibility of having
several offices in one company using workspaces,
the presence of meeting rooms with different
company settings
sections members meetings rooms company
To minimize infrastructure needed, data storage
was centralized on the server. Data transfer has
double encryption.Administration is as simple as
possible, and implemented within the application.
Settings meeting rooms
Edit meeting room

Key features

Completely independent solution that does
not require additional services, servers, etc.
2 types of applications - for mobile phones
and tablets
Built-in meeting planner
Flexible and easy management of
companies, meeting rooms, users
Ability to use within multiple companies
Flexible payment system
Many features on an easy-to-use, intuitive
Pairing applications for the meeting room
in an instant
All data is stored on a remote server. You
are not tied to devices and infrastructure
Ability to create repeated meetings
All data is transmitted in encrypted form

Based on the decisions made, the
project architecture and its technical
requirements were developed. A team
of UX experts along with a business
analyst and PM developed userflow,
which later became the clickable
prototype of all the pages upon which
the team conducted A / B testing of
the model’s performance.

The design team has developed a visual design of all pages,
animation, company identity.The development of iOS native
application both for a mobile phone and an ipad was launched first.
Upon completion of the development, the CTO conducted a final
audit to identify critical points. Alongside, QA specialists conducted
a full manual testing.

Alongside, QA specialists conducted a full manual testing.The
working prototype passed long-term tests in the offices of EVNE
Developers so that the shortcomings were reviealed and fixed in
the next versions.After the aproval of working prototype system,
the android version of applications was developed. The
end-product was uploaded to the app markets.

Blue planet
For the marketing department of the client, the
landing page was developed showcasing the
advantages and intricacies of the solution.
first slide
third slide
second slide
Landing tablet
Project team
Project manager

Bondarenko Roman

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