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Bookworm is template
for selling books and
acquaintance with
literature world

This is a multifunctional template that gives
you an opoortunity to: buy books in different
formats, learn more about writer and his
bibliography, keep abreast of literary news.

30 Pages 120 Elements
Google fonts Bootstrap grid

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Main page
Catalog page
Catalog page
Catalog page
Catalog page
Structure of bookworm
Main page
Style guide
The main aim was to achieve the feeling of the XVII-XVIII th century`s
typography. We couldn`t stand to use Grotesque to make accents.
Typography at first
All visual effect has been made by typography
since the whole resource is mainly literary.
Ramaraja+ Yrsa+ Lato
All Art & photography Audio books Biography

Harry Potter And
The Sorcerer's Stone

By Joan Rowling
5 stars
Vestibulum rutrum quam vitae fringilla
tincidunt. Suspendisse nec tortor urna.
Ut laoreet sodales nisi, quis iaculis nulla
iaculis vitae.

You are right. He did not. But millions of Ger-
mans did betray their selves.

Vestibulum rutrum quam vitae fringilla tincidunt. Suspendisse nec
tortor urna. ut laoreet sodales nisi, quis iaculis nulla iaculis vitae.
Lato regular, 16px.
Internal menys and sorting
Lato semibold, 14px.
Heder menu
Ramaraja regular, 57px.
H1 Title
Amiri regular, 21px.
Author name
Yrsa regular, 23px.
Banner text
Yrsa medium, 38px.
Pt Serif bold italic, 17px.
Lato regular, 14px.
Note text
Color palette

Was chosen color scheme that is easy for percep-
tion and does not distract from information

245, 253, 255
234, 173, 84
255, 187, 88
255, 244, 228
37, 40, 46
69, 71, 75
85, 89, 99
191, 191, 191
Book page

There is a lot of information that shown in a eye pleasure way. Learn about
book, publisher and author, view similar, leave comments.

Book page
Hardback icon
Digital icon
Audio icon
Book info

Page contains the formats’ and publishers’ switch. By one
click on GLASSES icon you will be moved to preview page.

Persons icons

Useful search and accents. There are two variants of this page as well:
dynamic one and a bit more static and calm.

Bookshelf page
Bookshelf page small
Book preview
Search inputs

Writer page

It contains main information
about writer and his/her
bibliography. Differs by its
structure cause it contains
more info about the
author's lifework.

Writer page
Writers page
Awards and honors
Main banner
5 Banner solution

Current kit of solutions lets the
user show any info.

Small banner
Small banner
Small banner
Small banner
Small banner
Registration form and map

A great work has been done with its proportions that provides information in
curious way and sets the rythms.

Blog page
Main alternate page
Alternate pages

Here are the variants of displaying information
that differ by their structures.

Small altenate page

30 Pages

Full list of pages that are included in to the archive file. Files contains
hovers and pop-up windows

30 Pages
Project team
Project manager

Bondarenko Roman

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