Partnership with EVNE Developers

We offer partnership services to various companies and institutions worldwide

Cooperation provided by our company grasps the provision of services to your organization in a way to comply with company objectives and goals. We ensure the way to execute strategies that ultimately benefit both businesses cooperating. 

Single Service Expert 

Ensures the cooperation of a single expert in your processes with or without our management. 

Comprehensive Team

Cooperation with the entire team for the provision of complex packaged solutions.

Comprehensive Team

Cooperation with the entire team for the provision of complex packaged solutions.

Project Sharing / Switching

Making the appropriate projects work for you by sharing them with us and gaining similar profit in return.

Advantages of a partnership service

Help you grow your business by offering your clients additional services and products without enlarging your own team.

Ability to improve your company’s skills and staff level by learning from specialists in partnership and discovering the techniques used by other top companies.

Outsource work that you cannot handle efficiently with your current staff or in case the project should be launched asap.

Types of cooperation

Why us

Technical Expertise and Strong Communications Skills

We utilize IT in a cost-effective way to solve your business problems with the experience we received with our previous projects. We can bridge the communications gap between our offices or personalities.

Respect to Your Budget

We provide increasingly essential services that definitely support your business without crippling expenses. In addition, we promote long-term cooperation on mutually profitable conditions with support and IT infrastructure maintenance which saves money in the long run.

Hypeless Service

Software and hardware companies continuously release new products and certainly make them sound great. New techniques and technologies drive the market regularly. Nevertheless, we have no intention to fill you with hype. We define what you actually need, do not need, and how to maximise the profit of the products or services you already own.

Long-Term Strategical Approach

Well-thought-out and planned IT and supplementary services become a valuable business tool for sales, operations, security and more. We are eager to understand your current needs as well as plan for the future in an orderly and cost-effective way.

Match your business needs with market opportunities

We keep abreast of all technological developments that may affect your business. At the same time, we constantly work with you to understand the changing needs of your business within evolving market conditions.

Problem-preventing Aim

Proper monitoring, backup and security protection provided by a well-trained staff greatly reduces the number of breaches and problems that can occur with the product or its infrastructure. But even when they happen, we have the expertise to solve these issues quickly and without interrupting your business.

Shared Responsibility

We are ready to take responsibility for offered services from beginning to end even if a single person joined your team. All panning and evaluation activities are built with the consideration of your primary goals and objectives.

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