Insurance Software Development

We strive to improve efficiency, enhance customer experience, and boost profitability for insurance firms through the utilization of digital transformation technologies to streamline daily procedures.

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Benefits of Our Insurance Software Solutions

Improving the Customer Journey

We prioritize user-friendly interfaces to streamline the insurance process for customers, from consultation to application.

Efficient Claims Handling

Our insurance software development company offers online solutions for incident tracking and reporting, integrating customer support and digital touchpoints for a transparent claims and compensation process.

Personalized Insurance Options

We design online platforms with personal user accounts to provide tailored insurance offerings and support in choosing a plan of insurance software development services.

Data-Driven Decisions

Our team leverages AI and data science to establish a data-centric culture within your organization, driving decisions with actionable insights.

Effective Financial Risk Management

We integrate insurance software solutions with secure payment systems and analyze potential risks related to claims and payouts.

Fraud Detection

Our company utilizes neural networks to detect suspicious patterns and anomalies in large data sets, providing early warning of potential fraud.

Automated Processes

We implement comprehensive automation systems for insurance processes and document management within your organization.

Marketing Intelligence

EVNE Developers helps the clients understand customer behavior, enabling targeted marketing campaigns to attract new customers and retain existing ones.

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Our Insurance Software Development Services

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Custom Claims Management

Our insurance software services include custom claims management solutions to streamline data collection, hasten settlements, automate the claims process, and enhance the customer experience while reducing processing time.

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Smart Document Management

Our team creates a smart document management system to automate document handling and simplify manual management, reducing complexity.

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Custom Insurance Quoting

We develop a custom insurance quoting module with qualitative risk assessment and tailored premiums calculation, using predictive analytics to inform crucial decisions based on statistical data.

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Risk Management Solutions

Our experts offer custom risk management software to track key risk indicators in real-time and provide notifications via SMS, email, or push notifications for preventative action.

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Compliance Software

We create cloud-based insurance compliance software to automate regulatory screening and ensure compliance with industry standards in your country.

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Mobile Insurance Platform

Our insurance app development company creates cross-platform and hybrid mobile applications, including client self-service portals and insurance claim submission modules, for a seamless and engaging insurance experience for customers.

Tools & Technologies

Check the technologies that can help broaden your businesses digital borders with the skills of our team.

Our Custom Insurance Software Development Process

EVNE Developers Services - fron-end and back-end dev


We take pride in our team of experienced software engineers who are knowledgeable in a range of technologies. Our expertise has been applied to successful projects for companies of varying sizes across various industries. As a top provider of insurance software development services, EVNE Developers offers solutions in the following industrial categories:


  • Electronic Trading Platforms;
  • Digital Payments;
  • Analytics and BI;
  • Financial Planning;
  • CRM for Banks;
  • Fintech Software Development;
  • Fintech UX/UI;
  • Financial App Development.
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  • eLearning Portals;
  • Learning Management System;
  • Corporate LMS;
  • Enterprise LMS;
  • eLearning Gamification;
  • Mobile Learning;
  • eLearning App Development;
  • Software for corporate training.
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  • B2B eCommerce Development;
  • B2C eCommerce Development;
  • D2C eCommerce Development;
  • Food Delivery App Development;
  • Online Marketplace;
  • Luxury Digital Stores.
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Why Choose Our Insurance Software Development Company?

User-focused Approach

We start by researching the needs of your company and users to create a requirements outline and build the optimal software for your insurance agency.

Timely and Budget-Friendly

As a highly-rated insurance software development company, we provide full-stack insurance development services at competitive prices and deliver on time.

Innovative Service Offerings

Usage-based insurance is becoming increasingly popular. Our insurance technology consultants have expertise in telematics and location-based services, which you can utilize to your advantage.

High-Quality Solutions

Our commitment to delivering first-rate software can bring tangible benefits to your insurance company. Our QA specialists conduct a range of tests to ensure compliance with industry standards.

Rapid Time-to-Market

Our engineers quickly turn your ideas into a proof-of-concept and then a minimum viable product using proven software development methodologies and DevOps practices.

Robust Cybersecurity

Cybersecurity is a key aspect of our custom insurance software development process, and we guarantee 100% security for your insurance systems, applications, and data.


We bring real solutions to each client’s problems through a deep understanding of their market, solution, and vision.

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Find answers to the most common questions we receive before development initialization

The time it takes to develop insurance software depends on several factors such as the complexity of the project, the size of the development team, and the scope of the project. To give a more accurate estimate, we would need to have a better understanding of the specific requirements for your project.

The cost of building insurance software varies based on factors such as the complexity of the project, the size of the development team, the technology used, and the location of the development team. On average, the cost can range anywhere from a few thousand dollars to hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. To provide an accurate estimate, we would need to have a better understanding of the specific requirements for your project.

Yes, insurance software development can have tracking and monitoring capabilities. These capabilities can include features such as real-time tracking of key risk indicators, reporting, and analytics, monitoring of the claims process, and monitoring of regulatory compliance. The exact tracking and monitoring capabilities included in the software would depend on the specific requirements of the project.

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