Build your team hassle-free

Dedicated Team & Staff Augmentation Services

People that you hire define what your product will look like and how it will perform. Whether you're plugging a skills gap or assembling a top-notch team to build your solution, EVNE Developers can provide you with S-tier experts.

Build the right product with the right team

Hand-selected, rigorously vetted, and battle-tested software engineers.

Hire developers who combine deep expertise with the ability to integrate quickly into your project and speed up your development processes.

Battle-tested experts

Our development team has been building robust solutions for more than 11 years and has an extensive background in multiple domains.

Quick integration

We study your project, choose the most relevant developers, and keep documentation always updated, facilitating further scaling.

Transparent processes

With direct access to developers, regular progress reports, and responsive communication, you have a full picture of our processes.

Talent pool in top companies

If you require specific knowledge or niche skills, we can tap into our pool of premium experts, working at top companies like Deloitte and Luxoft.

Product mindset

With our business expertise and deep market research, we understand the needs of your users and build products that impact business results.

Waste no time on seeking talent: we’ve already got it

Access experienced developers right away.

From back-end devs to UI/UX designers to business analysts, we have a full range of talent you can choose from. 

Searching for a specific skill or role that’s not mentioned here?

Two cooperation models, limitless possibilities

Fuel your project with top experts or acquire an entire team within 7 days.

Both of our collaboration models allow for fast on-demand scaling as per your needs.

On-demand experts
Scale your team with chosen experts to bring niche expertise to your project.
  • Ramp up and down as needed
  • Hire for any role in just a week
  • Connect with devs directly
  • At least 5 hours of time zone overlap
  • Full-time engagement
  • Weekly updates on progress and results
Dedicated team
Get an entire team working for you while you have full control of the whole process.
  • Just like your in-house employees
  • An assembled ready-to-go team
  • Regular reporting on deliverables, time and resource use
  • Strong team retention
  • Project knowledge accumulation
  • Easy team scaling

Our pricing models

We offer two types of contracts based on the nature and requirements of your project.

Time & Material
  • Transparent hourly rates 
  • Flexible requirements 
  • Full visibility into time and resources
  • Cost-effective scaling 
  • No additional fees
Project Based Development
  • Fixed cost 
  • Stable requirements 
  • Well-defined scope of work
  • Timeline commitment 
  • Cost predictability & budget control

Projects we helped accomplish

We are proud to be part of our clients’ success.

Beyond just staffing

We're accountable for your team's performance.
Our services go beyond just helping you assemble the right team. We ensure that your dedicated team maintains peak performance, taking on the responsibility for their productivity throughout our collaboration.
✔ Fast recruitment & team scaling
✔ Headhunting on demand
✔ Proven vetting process
✔ Smooth onboarding
Performance management
✔ Regular code reviews
✔ CTO/Tech lead mentoring
✔ Internal performance audits
✔ Individual skill development roadmaps
✔ Fluent English and great communication skills
✔ Time zone overlap
✔ No bureaucracy, direct access to all developers
✔ Dedicated project manager
Team retention
✔ Health insurance
✔ Spacious office
✔ Modern workstation
✔ Vacations and paid days off

How it works

From onboarding to release, we’ll make everything smooth.
Step 1
You share your project goals and requirements with us.
Step 2
Based on your input, we pick the needed professionals.
Step 3
Interview the best candidates to see if it’s a match.
Step 4
Once chosen, we help you onboard new team members.
Step 5
You control the development process, we take care of the administrative support and your team's performance.
Step 6
As the project evolves, ramp your team up or down on demand.
Step 7
Scale easily and keep improving your solution with an already assembled team.

Our clients’ feedback

See what our clients appreciate the most about EVNE Developers.

“You can feel their thoughtfulness in every aspect of their work, starting from strategic architectural solutions to visualizing the complex work schedule in two charts. They have succeeded in taking our bare concept and converting it into a smooth and effective solution empowering our company every day.”
Veli Putkonen
CTO, Aviation Company
“They are just a great team to work with. Each of them is devoted to delivering the best services. Their skills and capabilities are impressive and can add value to your product with ease. I can only recommend them to anyone who wishes to get a great experience and get a capable digital product after development.”
Robert Mink
Director, School
“They are dedicated to quality and high-grade service. EVNE Developers is proactive, responsive, and have a versatile team to tackle the diverse needs of a project in the financial domain. Thinking about the product's future is one of the core points they took into account when making important decisions. They are honest and upfront about any issues and always come up with solutions, not problems.”
Alec Öberg
Business Development Officer, Savings Management Company
“They performed regular meetings to track and report project status and solve any issues. Their technical skills, attentiveness to requirements, and analytical and user-oriented approach are outstanding. You do not need to do what they have to create, you show the desired business outcome, everything another they do themselves and bring to you a perfectly wrapped solution for your tasks.”
Project Lead, Insurance Company

What you get

A team of talented, seasoned, and adaptable software developers to successfully execute your project.
Highly skilled tech talent
Minimal ramp-up period
Flexible engagement options
Adaptable team scaling

Scale up your team effortlessly

Make your vision a reality with people that know how to build great products.
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10114, Estonia
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10785, Germany
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Get a successful product out the door effortlessly