Cookie Policy

This Policy relates to everything connected with cookies that are applied on the site (hereinafter the «Site») for the users (hereinafter the «User», you).  

The Cookie Policy explains how we use cookies and similar technologies in the course of our business, including through our websites that link to this Cookie Policy.

EVNE Developers LLC (hereinafter the «Company», we, us) uses cookies or similar technologies (pixels) on the Site. This allows the browser to collect additional information about the User’s device that is intended to be used for the improvement of the Site. These files are stored in the browser/device from a website or advertising. 

In some cases, we may use cookies and other similar technologies described in this Cookie Policy to collect Personal Information or to collect information that becomes Personal Information if we combine it with other information. For more information about how we process your Personal Information, please consult our Privacy Policy.

What is a cookie?

Cookie – a special small file that collects information about the usage of the Site. It is needed to improve the operational experience, analytical or marketing activities. 

The cookies that are set by the website that offers the services are called “first-party” cookies. Cookies set by parties other than the website owner are called “third-party cookies”. Such types of cookies can transfer the info to these parties to enable their functionality. The third-party cookies can recognize you both on the website you visit and the services the cookie belongs to. 

Why do we use cookies on our website?

The cookies are used to collect and save particular information, such as preferences or personalization of the User, their choice. Others are needed for technical reasons to optimise the traffic, distribute the flow and make our services operate in the right way, and we refer to these as “essential” cookies. Third parties provide their cookies and similar technologies through our websites for advertising, analytics, statistics. This is described more below. 

Cookies we use through our services

Here is the complementary table listing the types of cookies, periods of their storage and purposes of installation. 

AMP_9b597c0dd1AmplitudeStatistics1yto track statistics
AMP_MKTG_9b597c0dd1AmplitudeStatistics1yto track statistics
AMP_e5a2c9bdffAmplitudeStatistics1yto track statistics
PHPSESSIDPHPFunctionalSessionto provide functions across pages.
XSRF-TOKENPlerdyFunctional1 dayto grant access
_fbpFacebookMarketing/Tracking3 monthsto store and track visits across websites.
_gcl_auGoogle AdsenseMarketing/Trackingpersistentto store and track conversions.
access_token_productionAmplitudeFunctional1 monthto grant access
amp_6d2283Amplitude Session 
amp_c66891Amplitude Session 
amp_e5a2c9Amplitude Session 
amp_fb0efaAmplitude Session 
intercom-device-id-gjvo8fgiAmplitudeFunctional1 monthto track device type
intercom-session-gjvo8fgiAmplitudeFunctional1 monthto track sessions
laravel_sessionPlerdyFunctional1 dayto track sessions
ln_orPlerdyStatistics1 day 
wordpress_test_cookieWordPressFunctionalSessionto read if cookies can be placed.
__cf_bmCloudFlareFunctional30 minto read and filter requests from bots.
_gaGoogle AnalyticsStatistics1 yearto store and count pageviews.
_ga_3VK6DYBHCYGoogle AnalyticsStatistics1 monthto store and count pageviews.
ref_urlWordPressFunctional1 day 
marketingWordPressFunctional1 day 
statisticWordPressFunctional1 day 
WordPressFunctional1 day 

Purposes of collection

The purposes of cookies collection can be segregated into the following categories:

  • Functional necessity to enable operation of strictly necessary website services. Features include access to secure areas. You can not refuse them without impacting the serviceability of our websites. You can anytime block or delete them by changing your browser settings as described below in section How I control cookies. 
  • Personalization on different devices. By using cookie files we can discover what kind of device is used and improve the effectiveness of the Site for this particular device. Any bugs appearing will be easier to eliminate if to know clearly the device type that is used.
  • Analytics to distinguish different users that have browser sessions, but can not identify the same users from various devices. These cookies collect information that helps us to understand how our websites are being used or how effective our marketing campaigns are. These cookies may be set by third-party providers whose services are added to our pages.   
  • Integration and sharing capabilities with social media networking and making advertising messages more relevant to users interests.
  • Marketing and remarketing purposes. Cookies or any other form of local storage can be required to create user profiles to send advertising, or to track the user on a website or across several websites for similar marketing purposes.
  • Security issues to prevent fraudulent or abusive activities with one of the third-party services – LinkedIn, Stripe, Clutch,  . 

For how long do the cookies stored?

The particular storage period for each cookie is stated in the table above. Generally, the cookies are not stored for a longer period than is needed for security or functional purposes. Some of them are sessional and are automatically deleted after the session end. Others have a time-based storage period reasoned with their functional purpose. 

Other tracking technologies

We and our third-party partners may use other, similar technologies from time to time, such as pixels and web beacons. 

Pixel – a small fragment of code that collects information about performed actions when using the Site. It is needed to discover engagement in particular content of the Site. That helps to improve the quality of the services provided. 

Web beacons allow tracking of the opened emails and analyse the behaviour of the subscribers.

That also helps to understand whether a user came from ads displayed on a third-party website, to improve website performance.

Targeted online advertising

We have engaged one third-party service provider to track and analyze the behaviour and usage of the website. This third party (Facebook and LinkedIn) uses cookies, web beacons, pixel tags and similar tracking technologies to infer your interests and deliver the ads based on your preferences and browser activities. They track the users who have landed on certain pages for the purpose of target remarketing in the Facebook network. 

The information such as telephone number, email address, Facebook ID may be shared with Facebook in protected form. You can modify your Facebook ad settings to restrict those advertising, or do not agree with the marketing section of cookies selection. Learn more about the different types of Facebook cookies here:
Personal information may be shared with LinkedIn in the protected form but you have choices on how LinkedIn uses cookies and similar technologies. Learn more about different types of cookies that LinkedIn uses here 

How can I control cookies?

You can control which cookies are installed on your device and by default you receive the maximum level of privacy. If any excessive cookies already are on your device, use the guidelines from the next section to delete them. 

Browser settings

You can set a web browser to refuse all or some browser cookies or to alert when websites set or access cookies. 

To remove cookies from your device use these guidelines:

Please note, that if to disable or refuse cookies (especially essential cookies), some parts of the Site may become inaccessible or not function properly. Additionally, the User can refuse the provision of information to Google Analytics by using the corresponding opt-out in the web browser (


Changes of the document

The Company reserves the right to change the Policy at any time. In case if the Cookie Policy is changed, the special entry is made below for everyone to track such alterations. 

If you have any questions about how we use cookies, please email us at 

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