B-indkomst - taxation management system

B-indkomst is an online service providing users with the management of their taxes payments within the complicated tax system in Denmark.

b-income case


The client wished to overcome the financial struggles of the citizens, as they personally got caught by mistreated payments regarding taxes in Denmark. Their financial company placed a goal to automatise the process and provide user-oriented digital service. So, they required the development of a web solution allowing users to manage their tax payments in one place with a completely clear UX, fast release and high user acquisition rate.


Due to the complicated system of business-imbued income taxation in Denmark, citizens lose their money and forget to pay taxes. The business came for creation of the mvp to prove the value of the initial idea of the app assisting people with tax calculation and payment.


The team developed a specialised application for smartphones and a website. The application includes the following features: creation of income year with automatic calculation of all taxes applied; creation of jobs, deductions and investments connected with the user; calculator for specific tax items and tax rates; cloud-based storage for documents; payment reminders and notifications; special calculator for drivers deduction; creation of annual statements with a checklist; statistics for performed payments and personal wage.




Dev process




as target market

Pecularities of implementation

Created a user-friendly interface for a general user

As far as the application will be used by various users who conduct specific business and has to pay residual taxes and is connected with sensitive area of finances, it should have an intuitive and clear design to avoid mistakes. Thereby the designer had to combine generalised elements and existing brand design for a clear UI.

Built a mobile app with the starting functional scope

As for the MVP, the iOS app was planned as the first step to prove the value of the idea to perform all necessary calculations and payments from any location using a personal smartphone only. The team should understand the requirements for the creation of such types of projects for fast and agile delivery. To make the development process easier, the team included the specialised Project Manager, who carried out all time and resources management tasks. Communication was carried out with Slack, emails and Skype, and weekly meetings allowed the team to stay focused and effective within the project scope. MVP development was made in sprints to allow fast market release and testing of business hypotheses. The dedicated team could totally dive into the project and in case of necessity stay flexible and get additional developers for the connected website adjustments.

Developed front and back for a website of the service

The team developed a website to advertise the services online and provide the necessary information for possible and support current users of the system. Additionally, web service should allow using a specialized cloud for storing the documents needed for financial payments. Special attention was given to the security of the entire system and the info of users who can store the documents in the cloud. Regular backups and the option to download all info with one button are added to the system. SSL encryption is applied as soon as the user is logged in to the account.


The business received the user-friendly and secure iOS application allowing users to manage their specific taxes payments. A supplementary website is available as well, with which the company describes the services for the visitors and provides answers about the system in the FAQ section. Fast deployment of the MVP allowed the business to prove the initial theories and tackle the product up to the market needs.


less missed tax payments

2 hours

a week saved on project management

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