Delibroom - meeting room booking and scheduling system

A system of applications for mobile smartphones, tablets and website designed to solve problems with organizing meetings and monitoring meeting room status.

» case delibroom - meeting room booking system


Delibroom is a system of applications for smartphones and tablets developed to manage meeting rooms and create schedules for their occupation. It serves as a comprehensive business tool allowing management of office premice as well as combined working from a home office. The roadmap which was developed by the company allows system conversation from MVP into smart office management software.


Development of a convenient and easy-to-use tool to allow users to organize in-house meetings and monitor planned meetings. Simultaneously, the tool needed to be easy to support and deploy without additional services, resources, and infrastructure by non-technical users. Another goal required the product to have maximum flexibility for customization, and low implementation costs in order to be suitable for companies and teams of any size.


A thorough analysis of the tools that are presented to the target market. Highlighting their strong and weak points for the creation of a roadmap of the future system. Creation of an outstanding branding system for delivery of the unique value and vibes.

» case delibroom - meeting room booking system



» case delibroom - meeting room booking system



» case delibroom - meeting room booking system


Countries Using the Product

Steps of implementation

Creation of a system of native mobie apps mvp from a scratch and a promotional website for target audience.

A thorough analysis of the market

The analysis revealed the dropbacks of the main competitors: Inability to work without third-party services or additional infrastructure; Complicated processes for booking and managing meeting rooms; Inability to monitor planned meetings or to book a meeting on the fly outside the office.

The plan for the future product included the architecture basic composition, features roadmap implementation, risk evaluation and branding composition. In order to simplify the process of booking meeting rooms and amplify convenience, the iOS and Android mobile applications became the basis of the system.

» case delibroom - meeting room booking system

Development of application for smartphones

Totally custom mobile application included the technological solutions for a company team management. Security and data privacy means were placed in priority. In the stage of prototype creation, the identity branding system was developed together with the visual representation of the system interfaces. The model of generalised user experience represented with the prototype, passed A\B testing by the target groups of users. The analysis of their feedback made corrections in the initial user flow for a better receipt of the apps by the target audience. Smartphone app includes two varieties – for iOS and Android. After throughout testing, the app was launched in the market. 

» case delibroom - meeting room booking system

Development of tablet applications

Tablet applications should serve as supplementary tools that improve the quality of meeting room management. These applications have separate functional scopes and user experience models as they are used under non-similar conditions if compared with smartphone applications. As a result, they should create a unified system, comfortable for both, remote and office staff. The pairing of the applications was planned as instant to reduce the time needed for this option and improve user-friendliness. 

In addition to basic apps, the system received the promotional landing for better user support and services promotion. 

» case delibroom - meeting room booking system


The team developed a multipurpose solution for both iOS and Android: the primary app for mobile iOS/Android and the meeting room app for tablet iOS/Android. This approach allows a wide range of users to access the product. A promotional website allows even wider distribution and users support services. As a result, the team got the system, developed from scratch that has unique market features and appearance. As far as the basic prototype was based on the business analysis and passed several iterations after user testing before market launch, it was positively adopted by the first market users. All business challenges of a target user were taken into account, the product is flexible and easy to configure and use, which allows it to be successfully integrated into companies of any size.


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