Fintech SaaS platform for Savings Company

Web platform allowing users to manage their personal savings, select the best vendor, create different plans and get insurance consulting with 3 times reduced time needed for selection of insurance provider if compared to a traditional approach.

savings case


The customer had the arranged company dealing with personal savings. After spending time at the company’s call centre, the customer realized how broken the system of savings was. He witnessed representatives repeatedly ask customers to fork over the financial information that the reps could easily access on their own, only to then suggest savings plans that would generate the most profit, even if they weren’t the best choice for the consumer. That is why they initiated the platform development to optimise the process.


EVNE Developers had to create the platform for making specific savings calculations and management activities. Specific attention during the development had to be given to branding elements of the customer as they had been building trust within their market for several years and they wanted to preserve their distinction.


Creation of a unique and customisable web platform with market-changing features and a strong identity resulting 70% retention rate growth of customers visiting the platform.




Dev process





Implementation steps

Designing the wireframes + evaluation of UI and UX weaknesses

The team had the task to reinvent the system of savings services selection and use into a completely new digital and user-oriented experience. For making assumptions and creating a renewed prototype, the team applied the principles of data-driven design and a/b testing. The next step after the evaluation was the creation of new wireframes and their coordination with the customer. The wireframes included completely new modules of the solution and allowed better independence to the users in terms of the management of their personal finances, selection of the savings provider and getting consultation from the company’s representatives.

Front + back-end development of SaaS modules

In terms of SaaS solution, the team created a personal account, knowledge base, chat, and services providers database modules with flexible adjustments for users, company representatives and external providers. The voluminous database with documents and listing of service providers required the introduction of simultaneous work of several persons and security mini backups due to the work with the financial data of users. The solution architecture was designed regarding the principles of Data Privacy by Design and by Default at every stage of the customer journey.  The biggest module was with the selection of a savings service provider and further consulting with the representative or collection of information in one place by users themselves. For its stability, the team introduced a service filtering system, a display with detailed information on service packages and providers, chat options and a knowledge database. The specialised calculator allowed us to make rough assumptions on possible savings when selecting a particular provider.

Deployment and continuous release pipeline adjustment

The team created the pipeline of development and the delivery process of the service to its users. The process was managed in repetitive iterations of two weeks when several features found their implementation. That increased the general retention rate of the users as they saw the constant development and improvement of the solution and stability of the system, as its various enhancements and fixes were introduced gradually as well. As part of a continuous and reliable deployment process, the team introduced an analytical part to make further changes more predictable and with data-driven decisions for a better outcome. That module was not planned from the start, but the development team proved its value for taking weighted decisions on the introduction of particular features and their further appearance. Such an approach fastened the deployment pipeline as the team had a better understanding of features priorities and their possible appearance.


The development process resulted in the release of the MVP, collection of feedback, scaling and adjustment of the delivery process. The initial MVP development was performed based on a deep analysis of the market, target audience, and business requirements of the customer. The data-driven approach allowed us to build a reliable pipeline starting with ideation and design and ending with timely and predictable delivery. As far as the client passed several funding rounds, they continued the development process with further scaling. High standards in the domain made the team develop a strict product, the specification of which was depicted in technical documentation as required by legislation. As far as the project is ongoing, the business journey map is continuing to grow and find new ways to empower businesses in the market.


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