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Fozeus is an innovative ecosystem that offers various digital products and services including a social media platform, games, an NFT marketplace, a crypto wallet, and more that work together using blockchain technology. By harnessing the power of its proprietary cryptocurrency, Fozeus Coin, Fozeus sets out to reshape the future of decentralized finance. 

As they pursued their bold vision of creating a complete metaverse, the founders of Fozeus faced a problem: some of their solutions were outdated and required upgrading. They partnered with EVNE to revamp the SocialFi Media platform, a social network that facilitates interactions among individuals interested in the future of finance while enabling them to earn Fozeus Coin.
We completely rebuilt the social media app, transforming it into a robust alternative to popular social networks. Happy with the results of our work, the client asked us to upgrade their platform offering financial products. Read on to discover the whole story.
Yehor Saprykin, CPO EVNE Developers

Inspired by the founders’ grand vision, we were eager to contribute our expertise and talent to this project. Taking into account the needs of the target audience, we offered solutions that went beyond engineering and encompassed design as well. We revamped Fozeus’s products using modern development approaches and technology that ensured smooth and unrestricted growth of the ecosystem. The product is constantly upscaling and attracting new users each day.

Part 1: Reengineering the SocialFi Media – a social media platform

The current social media app suffered from several limitations, including a lack of essential features such as chats and stories, performance issues caused by the static front end, security vulnerabilities, and design that failed to meet the expectations of the target audience. As a result, the client refrained from promoting the app.

Considering that the platform’s target audience consisted of individuals aged 14 to 23, it was crucial to deliver an appealing, user-friendly, and distinctive interface. Also, mobile accessibility was important to serve people who use the social media platform on their phones.

Collaborating closely with the client’s design team, our approach involved the following steps: gathering client requirements, assessing their feasibility, and proposing cost-effective alternatives. For example, to expedite time to market and reduce costs, we made the decision to prioritize building a website over developing a mobile app.

We re-engineered the platform from scratch, working alongside the core team responsible for maintaining the old platform. Once the new platform was ready, we seamlessly transitioned to the updated version.

Our enhancements included the addition of numerous features, such as:

Our enhancements included the addition of numerous features, such as:

Chats with calls and group calls
A crypto counter to track earnings for active users and incentivize friend referrals
Different types of profiles, such as private, business, and community

We also enhanced security measures, including improved security protocols and data encryption to safeguard sensitive information.

Before the redesign, the old platform was not actively promoted. But after we rebuilt it, the situation improved, and now it’s widely advertised. The social network has become a strong tool for marketing the whole ecosystem, showcasing new features and events to draw attention.

Our successful collaboration on revamping the social media platform not only earned the client’s trust but also opened doors to new opportunities. As a result, we were given the responsibility of rebuilding another platform within the Fozeus ecosystem.

Part 2: Rebuilding Fozeus Franchise – financial products within the ecosystem

Fozeus Franchise serves as a tool for making money through cryptocurrency staking and offers a bunch of additional features such as money transfers, currency exchange, multi-level referral system, and analytics. 
To generate income using this platform, users have multiple options. Firstly, they can become a franchisee, gaining access to investment pools that provide passive income based on their share in the pool. Secondly, they can build and develop their team, expanding their turnover to unlock earning potential from all pools. By reaching specific milestones, users can unlock royalty plan levels and receive regular royalties whenever their team makes a buy-in. Lastly, users have the opportunity to earn rewards for their achievements, further enhancing their income potential on this platform.
The MVP (minimum viable product) of the platform had some basic visual and technical features, which proved insufficient to attract new users and promote the product effectively. The design lacked attractiveness and essential features such as diagrams with transaction statistics and news updates. Plus, there were performance, security, and scalability issues caused by the platform’s architecture.

To address these problems, we reengineered the platform and added new modules. The key solutions implemented were:

Improved the user interface design

We implemented an attractive and user-friendly interface, incorporating features such as a map to display the number of users and merchants accepting Fozeus, team management tools for meeting planning, an information block with relevant articles, and comprehensive statistics and transaction history.

Rebuilt the platform using a modern technology stack

To ensure better performance, security, and scalability, we rebuilt the architecture of the platform. We chose React and TypeScript for the front end, providing reliability and scalability. For the backend, we opted for Django, leveraging its ability to handle large amounts of data quickly and its strong built-in security measures against common vulnerabilities like XSS (Cross-Site Scripting) attacks.

Integrated efficient code quality tools

We integrated various tools to improve performance and maintain code quality, including Sonar for code quality checking, Sentry for monitoring server response time and error logging, and Storybook for isolating and testing individual components.

Tested complex royalty payment scenarios

The platform operates with a complex mechanism that includes multiple tiers, similar to multi-level marketing (MLM). This structure consists of the top tier, followed by 19 tiers, or 20 levels in total. Each user has the potential to further recruit additional team members, forming their own downline.

One of the biggest challenges we faced during the project was testing. Specifically, we needed to simulate payments for users across all 20 levels. To accomplish this, we created 20 teams with multiple users in each team, deposited funds, and conducted testing. Without this process, it was impossible to identify certain bugs, such as a mistake in calculating the percentage for royalties, due to the complexity of the algorithm. We resolved the issue, ensuring the platform’s functionality was accurate and reliable.

We also implemented unit testing for the backend to ensure the stability and reliability of the core functionality, enabling ongoing product development without the fear of regression bugs.

Integrated 3 payment systems

We successfully integrated three payment systems, providing users with the ability to buy cryptocurrencies seamlessly within the platform.

By implementing these solutions, we were able to address the performance, security, and scalability issues, while also enhancing the overall user experience and expanding the platform’s functionality.

Value Delivered

The collaboration between EVNE and Fozeus yielded significant results in transforming the social media platform and rebuilding the Fozeus Franchise. The redesigned platforms are now positioned to support the ambitious vision of Fozeus and contribute to the future of decentralized finance. The key value delivered includes:

More advanced features

The redesigned platform addressed the limitations of the previous version, offering essential features like chats, stories, and various types of profiles.

 Appealing UI

The platform now caters to the expectations of the target audience, providing an attractive, user-friendly, and unique interface.

An efficient marketing tool 

The updated social app is now actively promoted and used as a marketing tool for the entire Fozeus ecosystem, effectively showcasing new features and events.

A quality product

The Fozeus Franchise was completely reengineered to offer a comprehensive tool for making money through cryptocurrency staking.

Ready for growth

The platform’s initial limitations were addressed through design improvements, technology stack enhancements, and code quality tools.

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