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To bring the solution to live, we had to tackle several challenges.

Building an AI-Powered Car Accident Reporting Platform to Reduce Client Settlement Time by 30% and Improve Insurance Reports by 60%


Transforming the Nordic Energy Market with a Custom Web Platform for Choosing Electricity Providers


Building a Budget Planning App: How We Set the Basis for a Successful FinTech Startup with a Smart Algorithm for Detecting Subscriptions 


Streamlining Mortgage Process for Expats: How We Developed an Intuitive Fintech Solution for a Swiss Bank


Empowering Financial Management: A Fintech’s Journey from B2C to B2B with an Advanced Analytics and Forecasting Solution 


Achieving Business Growth in Financial Consulting: How We Transformed a Basic Website into a Successful SaaS Investment Platform 


Addressing Technology Bottlenecks to Empower a Blockchain-Based Ecosystem to Create the Metaverse 


Re-engineering to Transform a Reward-Based Marketing Platform into a User-Friendly, Functional, and Conversational Solution


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