Impact of website downtime on E-commerce business. Practical tips on how to minimize the negative effect

Companies performing their business activities on-line may be faced with the situation where their web store is unavailable to their customers. Not all businesses truly appreciate the seriousness of this situation, and usually, the bigger the business the bigger the consequences that follow. In this article, we will study the dangers of website downtime for […]

Quick guide: How non-tech entrepreneurs can start e-commerce businesses

The digital transformation of any business can bring new opportunities and challenges, including widening the scope for product realisation. The ability to target your advertising, improving on-line communication with customers, and making it easier for your customer to make purchasing your product much easier. More and more on-line entrepreneurs are attracted to this development. This […]

Where lies the line between UI and UX design

The creation of any product, regardless if it is a website or application requires the visualization of functions. This is ensured with the interface and effective buttons that perform intended actions. Though the design can be separated into two sections – UI and UX design. But what do these letters mean, and what should be […]

SaaS stack - full guide

How to create an aggregator

Aggregators can collect and classify the great amount of information in basically each sphere of life. The absence of an aggregator in the market means only several things – this niche is too small or the creation of an aggregator will not bring any profit. In other cases, while searching for any kind of goods […]