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How to increase website traffic without enormous funding

Being a Mr Nobody on the Internet web leads to oblivion. As a result, each business tries to bring as much traffic to their website as possible. Whether it is a social media, e-commerce platform, or a simple blog, it doesn’t matter, as they all need their auditory. The easiest way to achieve this is to launch an advertising campaign. But what do you do when there is little or no budget?

With this article, we will examine the simple ways to increase website traffic with fewer costs and efforts. All you need is a bit of time and commitment as opposed to blood, sweat and tears! 

There are various reasons why a website has a low number of visitors. They can appear from the outer sources – there are no links to it anywhere, or from inner – people do not wait until the website loads. The reasons are varied and numerous, but they can be fixed, easily. 

Taking with the quantity – Let the people know about your website

Apply link building

The simple way to increase the traffic on your website is to bring people from outer sources. You can manually build the network of links leading to it. But don’t forget, being “spammy” is never a good look and that temptation may arise in your quest to be noticed. Most search engines find it suspicious when the number of links grows rapidly and block such websites. So, play it cool.

The first links you should introduce are the local business directories, locations on the map services, lists of vendors, and similar. Various aggregators are happy to receive new companies in their lists. Apply only to those who deal with the activities your website offers, so as not to mislead your future users. 

Later it is possible to gather the list of forums, blogs, or Quora-like websites where you can start the conversation and share links with useful content for others. 

Improve social media engagement

Nowadays, social media attracts an audience any pop star would be envious of. Why not invite all these people to visit your website? Create your profiles in several media, start posting useful and interesting content for people, and invite them to follow your website. 

Except for the passive gathering of the readers, try working with the crowd in the numerous groups with the content similar to yours. Gather the most devoted core readers and ask them to share your content to their profiles. As a result, their friends will learn about you as well. Or try being viral, but this often leads to more harm than gain. 

Help search engines highly rank your website

On the other hand you can work on SEO and move your website higher in the list of search engines. That will simplify the way for the users to your content. Analyse the website with the help of special SEO tools; a lot of them have free options to use for small companies. 

Apply the results for the content analysis and increase the number of keywords. Try using non-general but low-volume keywords. As for most of the niches with high-volume keywords are too competitive, it would be difficult to move forward without spending a lot of money.  

Taking with the quality – Paying attention to the tech issues

Choose the right host

A great number of visitors can leave the website even before the first interaction appears. In some cases, the reason can be found in a poor hosting provider for this website. The host should not be located too far away from the target audience and operate reliable hardware. 

Avoid common mistakes in code 

Even with everything Hunky Dory with the host, the website can have a low loading speed index due to internal issues with the code. The most common reasons for a poor loading rate are often the following:

  • Non-optimized pictures used in a Full size;
  • Unpropper formats for pictures;
  • Non-optimised and not compressed fonts;
  • Excessive use of JavaScript files;
  • Use of duplicate modules of JavaScript code;
  • Failing to use preloading of the key requests;
  • Application of the render-blocking resources;
  • Failing to apply the effective cache policy. 

Most of these should be fixed at the creation stage by the team of developers. But, suppose you weren’t aware of them until the website was already up! …. don’t panic.

Some of them can be fixed even without any coding knowledge. They are solved with the application of appropriate plugins or adjustments in the admin panel. 

If this appears to too difficult or even a scary prospect for the owner to do himself, manually then he needs to bite the bullet and ask for help from a developer team. As these fixes would not take a lot of time to achieve the costs should to minimal. Additionally, the experienced developers can offer some changes in the design to produce an even bigger impact on the general effectiveness of the website or when making custom application development from scratch.  

Consider the impact of mobile users

There are far too many users on the internet using mobile devices for them to be ignored or even dismissed. Did you give this platform due consideration at the very start of the website development?  If not then shame on you! This platform is a sizeable one.

Then again, many people do not really care about how their website should look or work on this platform. You can introduce adaptive design or make it unique for mobile and desktop; the main task is to make it useful for users. A little bit of attention along with investing money in mobile development will see you save in the longterm. 

Quality over quantity makes a profit

Every website owner should opt for a strategy aimed primarily at increasing the website traffic and making good use of these opportunities. The application of any one of these will make the overall traffic growth compared to doing nothing. Though the most profitable option is when you make your website perform properly and retain all of the users. Only then start increasing the float of users who come to it.

When your website isn’t performing as efficiently as it should or as it could then you are potentially pouring money down the drain. Make yours work for you at an optimum level and see the difference. 

Establish the possibilities for growth from the very beginning. The moment of the website development or try finding a team that can help you with the necessary adjustments.

Ready to enhance your live product to start gaining fruits? Contact us and we gladly help you with this issue.

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