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How the creation of the mobile application can bring success to your e-commerce website

What brings a mobile application to business

The business assistance from an application depends on its intended market, the ways it will be used and the target audience. The application itself is an interactive way to speak to your users and give what they need. 

Even is the application is totally free, after gaining a specific amount of users, it can be used for advertisement. That can be considered as an additional income. The application itself can additionally serve as an advertisement for services or personal skills. 

Users can download an application from various store platforms that give a wider market reach. 

Physiologically, an application creates bigger brand confidence. Unreliable companies created only for fraud would not invest their time and money into the application. 

There is a growing tendency in the market – the so-called “mobile-first”. Each product is developed as a mobile application first, and later supplementary websites and PC versions.  

Why mobile

There is a tendency that the amount of mobile phones is increasing more extremely than the number of PCs. Moreover, people from developing countries often have more possibilities to purchase a smartphone instead of a computer and monitor system. 

Applications for smartphones can be adjusted to smart watches that enlarge the sphere of their use. 

One of the most significant factors – the smartphone is always in our pocket. That means each user stays with the brand barely always. That gives wider opportunities for advertisement. 

What is better mobile app or website

Commonly, the application is created together with the website. They supplement each other in their functions. A website can be a user guide or a promotional platform for an audience gaining. Or they can serve similar functions (like in e-commerce) and simply create various ways for users to find you. 

Interactive applications should receive information from some sources. There are two ways to solve this issue. The first one – connection of a back-end of a website and application. In such a way the application depends on the data received from the website and availability of Internet connection. The other way – is the creation of an autonomous database within the application. That makes the application independent from an Internet connection, though it deprives the adaptability of the data deviations. 

There are some discrepancies in application and website business target satisfaction.  

– Retention and creation of hot leads

A user should install the application form a store, which means that they are willing to use your application well enough to perform numerous steps. Nevertheless, to stop using the application a user should delete it that is a bit more difficult than to leave a website. 

– User actions tracking and further analysis

It is easier to trace the actions of a user through an application. It is possible to evaluate what screens are the most popular, and what should be changed according to users’ actions. The website analytics shows similar information, though not always it is relevant.  

– The cost for development and maintenance

It is rather obvious that the creation of a website (even if it has a complicated architecture) is a more prompt thing than a similar application creation. The time requires more funds and as a result, sometimes people start from website development. The application goes only as the next step of the business ladder. 

The necessity to create an application or just a website or both depends only on the intentions and possibilities of a business owner.

5 things the companies should consider while creating a mobile app

While hiring the team of developers who creates an application for your business the following things should be controlled:

– Code quality

The application developed without strict development standards can appear feeble and non-competitive. Numerous bugs and lagging will lead to the opposite effect and make your target audience leave your company forever. 

– User interface completion

Each application should serve the intended goals. For such a purpose the interface is developed with the consideration of special rules and calculations of users’ behavior. In some cases, a badly created design can become a more crucial problem than vivid bugs. 

– Security

Mostly that goes for the applications that deal with personal users’ information or transactions. All information transferred between a server and application, or even within an application should be encrypted. Nevertheless, the code itself needs protection from malware. 

– Load testing

If the application intended to be used by the great users, it should be tested for a possibility to withstand such load. The database should have a high response rate and be able to divide and process information into numerous channels. 

– Adaptability to various mobile operational systems

Android / iOS systems require different coding languages for application creation. There are some common for both of these systems, though the quality of the final product can be unsatisfactory. That means that the development of one application for different platforms means the coding process of two applications. 

In general creation of an application requires strict documentation and planning. A preliminary evaluation will help to define the application goals and main functions. Such calculations can make the work scope lesser or bigger. As a result, it can save some funds by avoiding the development of excessive and unnecessary parts of the product. Communicate with your team of developers; they can give some pieces of advice depending on the field your application will run in. 

The influence of social media on mobile apps 

Depending on the target audience and the business type you can choose the social media platform you will need. Some of them value the visual content, others – textual. The audience also differs on each platform.  

Nevertheless, the main reason to use social media – they can help advertise any kind of application. For example, Facebook Ads gives the possibility to launch the campaign concerning the number of applications downloading or purchases within it. Such kind of post will lead directly to the store page with the application, or purchases within it. 

You can create a profile of your application and receive the audience simply by maintaining interesting content. Additionally, it is possible to create a blog (presumably on the connected website) and share the previews of the articles in the sphere of your business. 

A mobile application can become a powerful tool for business improvement. Though, it depends on the quality of the final product. Numerous evaluations and calculations should be done to match the intended goals. Sometimes the application requires an auxiliary website for better promotion. In some cases, social media can be enough for success. Anyway, it requires constant maintenance and support for the entire life of an application.

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