E-commerce projects should be based on some platforms that define the structure of the future product. The platform can be ready-made or custom – developed by different developers and designers. In any way they are all designed to create a specific product. The task of the business owner is to choose the right set of technics.   

Various platforms offer ready-made solutions for those who want to create an e-commerce product. But do they all so good to be used?

Below we suggest the comparison charts according to the basic aspects of each platform. The relative score will help to choose the best solution that fits your goals.

Ready-made platforms have their advantages and disadvantages if to compare them with custom solutions. When it is necessary to create an effective product adjusted up to the needs of the owner, it is better to use custom developing methods. Mentioned above platforms can provide only those functions, that are already in their system. Visual adjustments are available in most of them, though technical customization requires coding experience. The supplementation of additional modules is a complicated process with lots of hindrances. 

In general, small e-commerce products can be created by using one of these platforms. Their capacity will be enough to satisfy the goals of this product. The platforms appear useful when it is necessary to start the site in a few days. But together with product growth, the necessity to expand the architecture will appear.  

The bigger products that are intended to be used under high load and show the identity of the company should undergo custom development. They will require time for the development process and cost more than ready-made platforms. But the result will be worth all the efforts.

In case you choose the custom solution – contact us anytime and we assist you to implement your ideas into life.