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Quick framework comparison: use React or Angular to build a web application project

A web application is a kind of solution that does not require a device to be installed as it is available through the web in a browser. They can be developed in various ways by application of numerous techniques for differing task. But to avoid getting bogged down .in an endless list of possible frameworks we decided to outline the qualities of two most common ones. These are React and Angular.

Let’s start with a  quick summary of these frameworks

React may be useful for:

  • high load projects;
  • projects which involve complicated architecture;
  • when you know that the project will be scaled at some point in the future.

React also has a downside too, namely its cost. The cost of the development is higher when compared to Angular. These greater costs stem from the complexity of the development and additional maintenance. Moreover, the learning curve is bigger in React, which means that the developers’ team should be suitably experienced or to be afforded additional time to get the job done successfully.

Meanwhile, Angular suitable for:

  • average and high load projects;
  • can be scaled (only to be attempted by a competent person, as mistakes can result in major problems).

Both React and Angular perform pretty well, they are basically on the same level when it comes to performance. Their effectiveness depends, like most things, on the skills of the development teams.

We would advise employing React framework for building a web application. It has a larger community and you can always ask for some tips or solve issues with others. A vast amount of modules are written already and you do not need to create them from scratch. Also, it is very versatile when it comes to large and scalable projects.

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