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Best Framework For SaaS Applications

Over the last seven years, the SaaS (software-as-a-service) industry has increased by around 500%. SaaS products and services are being used by businesses to replace traditional software.

SaaS allows organizations to use cutting-edge software for their previously unavailable applications. Today, SaaS giants like Salesforce, Microsoft, Xero, Zendesk, and others are replacing traditional on-premise models with flexible models that allow seamless interaction with other apps and platforms. 

SaaS development may be a complicated process, and with so many development companies offering custom software development services, making a decision becomes much more difficult. 

Keep reading to learn more about the best SaaS development frameworks, their main features, and their benefits to make the right choice.

What Is SaaS Development Framework?

A SaaS development framework is any kind of numerous frameworks available for coding, with the exception that they suit the primary needs of SAAS solutions in the best way. A SaaS development framework is mostly used to assist companies with web development. Identifying a SaaS growth strategy is important for your company since it involves financial and administrative decisions.

It allows developers to integrate many tools, APIs, and SEO techniques into a structure they can build on or use as an extension to their platforms. The SaaS frameworks enable developers to design engaging platforms for company development while maintaining a steady quality.

SaaS application development framework should be flexible since the software will regularly update and change in line with the standards. Furthermore, constant business growth allows developers to add more features by implementing new technologies. It also saves developers time and energy with no necessity to create everything from scratch.  

Best SaaS Framework

Several SaaS frameworks are currently available online for developers and businesses all around the world. Businesses may easily accelerate their growth by creating mobile apps or complex SaaS systems. 

So, let’s look at a few frameworks with the best SaaS development components.


ReactJS is one of the most prominent frameworks for integrating component-based structures for SaaS web development. The framework is a JavaScript front-end toolkit that assists companies and developers in creating scalable user interfaces for big web applications or services. Developers may use this as a framework for SaaS while combining other tools because it is primarily a library.

At the same time, it is popular with developers since it allows them to implement sophisticated interfaces easily.

It is important to remember that the fundamental purpose of ReactJS is scalability and flexibility. Furthermore, Meta built-in assures that its mission is met by constantly changing the framework and having it tested in real-time by over 2.8 million users.

Main ReactJS features and benefits:

  • Contains various modular components that help with code maintenance
  • Faster rendering for improved performance
  • Allows developers to implement SEO and user-friendly interfaces
  • It includes a variety of helpful tools like Reactide, React Cosmos, React Sight for the SaaS development team
  • Provides several extensions to support the complete software architecture


Vue.js, like ReactJS, is a popular framework with millions of users worldwide. It is most renowned for its SPAs (single-page applications) and innovative user interfaces that appeal to market clients. Developers also use this framework to create large-scale web applications.

It is a free and open interface that employs the Model Viewmodel structure. Vue.js is a compact framework with a command-line interface for prototyping and bootstrapping. Although the platform for SaaS development is rather outstanding, it provides component reusability. As a result, developers may reuse these components to create templates for SaaS web-based apps or systems.

Main Vue.js features and benefits:

  • Provides the ability to reuse components while creating web app templates
  • Gives you a CLI to help with app scaffolding and prototyping
  • Allows for the storage of each component in a separate file for an organized development process
  • Vue.js improves code readability and maintenance


Angular is an open-source front-end framework that allows developers to create large-scale apps or systems. Angular, like Vue.JS, supports two-way data binding to save time consumption, making web development easier. Also, the various Angular features, such as template syntax, Angular CLI, routers, and so on, speed up programming and application loading.

Furthermore, it streamlines the development process and includes built-in technologies like TypeScript and HTML to create a highly secure architecture. As a result, Angular is the way to go if you’re searching for a safe framework to help you develop high-performing single-page applications.

Main Angular features and benefits:

  • It has a full-fledged MVC design and two-way data binding, removing the complex programming need
  • Provides a clear code format for efficiently eliminating bugs and mistakes
  • Allows developers to develop reusable and easily accessible code
  • Because of its modules and components, Angular code is logical, consistent, and simple to understand for a front-end professional.


Node.js is good at developing fast, scalable network applications or systems and provides reliable performance and fast development benefits. Today’s requirements for processing and consuming real-time data are critical, and Node.js is especially fast in multi-user real-time data scenarios.

It executes tasks quicker since it requires fewer threads and resources/memory. As a result, whereas Java is used to execute data-intensive activities, Node.js is a good option for real-time applications. Node.js, with its many tutorials and vast community, enables app scalability. Because it is single-threaded, it can manage numerous connections with excellent throughput.

Main Node.js features and benefits:

  • The ability to quickly scale up
  • Because of its non-blocking, input-output procedures, the environment is one of the fastest solutions available.
  • Because JavaScript powers it, programmers may quickly integrate Node.js into the rest of the full-stack development
  • When you make changes in a product developed on Node.js, only that node is affected because of its flexibility.
  • Possibility of cross-platform development 


The platform is a PHP-based framework with an open-source MVC (Model-View-Controller) architecture. It provides templating solutions, a large library, and a database of PHP web apps. The framework is a superior solution for developers looking to create applications for enterprises with higher performance and growth.

Building a SaaS application is difficult; however, Laravel is a go-to framework for developers which can be easily mastered. It is a strong and mature framework ideal for startups and big enterprises.

Main Laravel features and benefits:

  • Provides lightweight templates for building layouts with dynamic content seeding.
  • Controls access to diverse resources and modify authorization logic.
  • ‘Artisan,’ a command-line utility, is used to automate repetitive processes.
  • Robust object-oriented libraries.
  • Stable architecture with different modules allows to expand quickly and at an affordable price.


Symfony is a well-known open-source PHP framework with 27k ratings on GitHub. It has almost 6,00,000 users spread throughout 100+ countries. It makes life easier for developers by providing a structured SaaS architecture, various templates, ORM, many libraries, data security, and unity modules.

Symfony may be used with an independent library and PHP Unit. Drupal, phpBB, and Composer are notable open-source SaaS projects that heavily rely on Symfony components. It also provides clean code, a well-organized framework, and fair programming methods, all of which improve the effectiveness of web development.

Main Symfony features and benefits:

  • Reusable and decoupled PHP components.
  • Allows for creating an extendable and dynamic toolbar that helps debug.
  • Pre-loaded packs are included to diversify fundamental functionalities.
  • Improves security to prevent cross-site request forgery.


Django is a Python web framework that fosters quick development and clean, pragmatic design. It’s open source and free. Django is an outstanding example of MVC architecture. Django development is difficult for a junior specialist, but it provides new opportunities for outstanding product growth and professional advancement.

The framework has excellent security features. The Django web product becomes difficult to penetrate when popular methods such as SQL injection, click-jacking, and request forgery are used. This framework may be the best option for high-load product development. Take a thorough look at this choice if you expect your software to manage a lot of traffic.

Main Django features and benefits:

  • Helps in the creation of ready-made user interfaces for improved administration.
  • Using the REST framework, it provides beneficial authentication mechanisms.
  • API documentation is made simple using HTML output.
  • An object-oriented database enables data retrieval.

How to Choose the Best Framework Today?

Choosing a SaaS framework can be crucial for your company since it affects your software’s critical financial and administrative decisions. While analyzing your development team’s expertise and having consultations with them, together with a professional team, you can evaluate the most appropriate SaaS framework.

Let’s look at the most important factors to consider while selecting a framework for SaaS application development.


Scalability is an important consideration when selecting a framework for SaaS development. In this day and age of fast technological breakthroughs, you want a framework that can support your company’s future growth.

Always prefer frameworks with higher usage and more adaptable infrastructure. They enable SaaS products to adapt to your business while offering relevant solutions over time.

Preferred programming language

Your chosen framework for a SaaS project should be written in a programming language that your team is familiar with. For example, if you have experienced JavaScript developers, ReactJS is the best choice.

By tailoring your framework pick to your team, you may avoid the stress of hiring new engineers for each project. This approach ensures that development cycles are efficient and profitable. If there is no team of developers and the recruitment process is in progress, the exact framework will be chosen according to the required skill set and future product characteristics. 

Reliability and Sustainability 

Nowadays, every SaaS vendor provides a certain level of sustainability, but only a few can deliver it. So, based on professional reviews and track records, select the best framework for SaaS applications development with regard to its technical approach.

Don’t be caught up with promises and low prices. Sometimes it’s better to pay high prices for a dependable and secure framework for app development. Otherwise, you will have to spend more time in the future on fixes and maintenance or even complete migration to the new architecture.

Business requirements

Because each company’s goal is unique, narrow the framework selection to specific business goals. Don’t use a framework just because it’s popular. Instead, ensure that the framework’s features are suitable for your project.

Pay special attention to SaaS frameworks with extensive libraries and databases. These extra features are frequently key differentiators when selecting a technology stack.

Development pricing

Your budget is one of the important factors in your choice of SaaS development frameworks. Work within the budget restrictions of the company. When deciding on a platform, always consider cost and functionality. This financial strategy saves businesses a lot of money while ensuring a higher quality result.

Customer support

Expect issues no matter how strongly recommended a framework is. And when these issues arise, you need quick customer support to resolve them and get your plan back on track. As a result, always consider the SaaS provider’s customer service response time and dependability. The development team can provide some kind of support directly, but that deals mostly with the maintenance of the code, not the platform itself. Under some conditions, that could be enough to regain stability of the system; in others, not.

Selecting the best frameworks makes the best products

Choosing a framework is not something businesses should do lightly because it serves as the application’s architecture. When the infrastructure is insufficient, it risks losing prospective clients due to unresponsive software.

We listed in the article the most reliable and popular frameworks for SaaS development: ReactJS, Vue.js, Angular, Node.js, Laravel, Symfony, and Django.

That is why you must know what to look for and where to look for it. A good framework should enable your company to not only become acquainted with new technology, but also to develop efficiently. Furthermore, it should be scalable, flexible, efficient, secure, and sustainable for at least 3-5 years. You don’t need to know all frameworks; know the team that knows how to deal with them. 

At EVNE Developers, we can help you choose the best framework for your project and assist in developing and transforming businesses by providing services such as software development, UI/UX design, web app development, and more.

Here is a short checklist for choosing the SaaS framework:

  1. Identify the functions and goals of your product
  2. Determine the most important features of the product
  3. Plan your budget
  4. Cloud or on-premise development platform
  5. Decide which database you need
  6. Think which programing language will work best for you
  7. Choose the platform for deployment – Windows or Linux

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