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The checklist: Are you a perfect fit for a developer career

Imagine – you have only left the school and should choose what trait in a career you should study and follow in your life. Though your life milestones can change several times during the life course, the starting point can influence your future success. 

Or the other situation, when you already have worked at some position for some time but you feel that this job is not the thing you dreamed about. In this case, you need to change something and development can become the area of your personal growth. 

Our article offers a short checklist of personal features, possessing which you can definitely try yourself in the IT. If you feel that a marked feature describes you – mark it as a positive answer. At the end of the list, you will know for sure if the career in development is the right place to realize your potential.

1. You understand the cause-and-effect relation.

It sounds easier then it is in reality. It is a critically important and easy thing that should stay in the mind of each developer. Understanding the fact that each “íf” has its own “then” will boost the career in this sphere. 

2. You have a constant desire for personal and professional development. 

A coder who studied nothing in new techniques for a year rolls back for at least several years in professional development. Their value will gradually but constantly fall until the total loss of the positions within the labor market. This profession is a place where you should stay in studying progress permanently. So if you don’t like or can’t bear studying, this profession is not your choice.

3. You can find the answer to any question by the means of external services.

Some tasks require additional research to be done, so the significant skill of any coder – is the ability in finding the ways to solve various issues. The fastest way to do so – to use search engine systems and surf the Internet effectively. The essential thing is not to give up and continue searching the ways to solve some situations in coding. 

4. You are diligent and concentrated.

In this profession, you should be able to sit for 7-8-9 hours a day in front of a monitor. And not losing the focus while carrying out tasks can become the challenge itself. 

5. You like to solve challenging tasks.

If finding the cause in everything is one of your personal goals – you are a good candidate for a coder position. The ability to constantly strain the brain and find the solution of any task define a successful developer.

6. You are at least a bit interested in technologies.

If you have a comprehension of how the entire system works, that would definitely help to code properly. 

Now calculate the number of plus answers. In case you get 4-5 of them, you should definitely try yourself in coding. If all points are positive, don’t even hesitate – you are perfectly fit the requirements of the developer job. Now it’s time to apply to local development teams, finish courses, and acquire the basic skills in this challenging, though advantageous position.  

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