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EVNE Developers team statement against Russian invasion of Ukraine

The hard times came to our homes.

Russia together with the support of Belarus launched a full-scale invasion of the territory of independent Ukraine.

As you already may read in previous articles, people and readiness to help are our company’s core values ​​that we have declared for 11 years of our existence. Now more than ever it is important to think about them and show our full-scale support to everyone in need.
We, as a team of patriots, guided by the instructions of the President of Ukraine, are doing everything possible in our places to maintain jobs, pay salaries to our employees and taxes to the state, which in turn will be used to maintain the combat capability of our country.
We could not stand aside from the economic blockade of the occupying countries, so we decided to break off all relations with customers who are somehow related to Russia or Belarus. All funds received from them will be sent to support the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
The company organized with our premises free places for migrants from hot spots with everything necessary.
Many employees of the company are members of the IT troops of Ukraine and contribute to the victory of Ukraine – share truth, protect our stability.
Most of the employees acted as volunteers: they resettled refugees, helped collect the necessary things for the army and territorial defence, raised funds to defend the country, donated blood, dug trenches and did everything to help the country in difficult times.
We are grateful to our foreign partners who support the company and Ukraine. This support is very important for all of us!
We are grateful to each member of the team for their contribution to helping Ukraine. Ukraine and our team have never been so motivated and united as they are now. Victory will be ours!

We are sure that it was at this time that the new Ukraine was born. A country that everyone is proud of without exception. And we are proud! Now we all have to think about what exactly we can do to win and do it. We will win!

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