Trends in Education Technology: All You Should Know

Keeping up with new trends in educational technology has become essential for today’s educators. Innovative technology enables educators to improve their students’ experience and provide opportunities to meet expanding learning requirements.  We have seen new educational methods emerge since the pandemic moved learning from the classroom to the home. Solutions such as online classes keep […]

Gamification In Finance Industry: All You Should Know

Making financial services engaging is challenging since they’re all about tables, charts, and data. Nonetheless, businesses across all industries are trying to boost client engagement through digital solutions, and fintech is no different. One approach is to include gamification in financial products. Game-like features help financial institutions engage users more effectively and turn ordinary procedures […]

7 Major Challenges in FinTech Industry in 2023

Digital breakthroughs in the FinTech industry have significantly changed the way how people and financial institutions manage money in the last five years. FinTech companies are on the road to expanding and establishing a solid reputation in the market. Financial technology involves enhancing and automating business processes and services. However, the FinTech industry faces challenges […]

How to Build a SaaS Business This Year

Startups are the engines of innovations which face new challenges and develop new products and services to solve them. A SaaS startup isn’t the exception. It’s often a small company with significant growth potential due to its unique solutions. If you’re considering launching your own SaaS (software as a service) business, you’ve come to the […]

SaaS stack - full guide

SaaS Stack For Your Next Project: Full Guide

Nowadays, there is an app for almost anything. Some popular applications are Spotify, Netflix, Zoom, and Google Docs. In your opinion, what do these web applications have in common? Yes, they are all well-known SaaS-based products. The ride-hailing company Uber is one more example of a SaaS solution, which has created a React component library […]